Much like the White House, the VA governor seldom responds to anything about anything in respect to the general public. I did get a total windbag reply about an unrelated issue. The only reason the Governors office replied then was because both the Senator and Congressman in the Richmond district read and forwarded my issue to the Governor, and I was thankful someone seemed to care.  I don't know anything good about the current Governor of VA, Tim Kaine. IMO he's a Republican than ran as a democrat because VA voters just vote for whatever their party props up as a representative. He beat out the same Attorney General who reviewed our whole Ryan Homes issue (110 pages of documentation) and simply referred us to another office like everyone else. I don't believe VA Governors actually serve any significant purpose, but rather serve to protect lobbyist agendas, with little regard for their public interest. A real man for the people I know of running for Governor is currently running in New York State. See Eliot Spitzer for 2006. I am seldom so impressed with anyone running for a major public office.