A bit of addressing the myth and purpose of the spontaneous Ryan Homes blog reviews campaign.


This will be news to some, who IMO just donít see the obvious, or donít want to. Buying a Ryan Homes home does NOT automatically make one an expert or authority on home buying or fully informed about Ryan Homes quality, though there are several bloggers convinced and would like to convince everyone else otherwise. Also linking to other blogs of the exact same nature, that are also used to promote Ryan Homes (yes that's what they're doing regardless of how much they pretend they're not) doesn't really make them more informed or make their content smarter collectively. Thatís rather like trying to multiply stupid people, thinking the math will eventually produce at least one smart person. But all that formula will ever produce is ever larger numbers of stupid people.

There's no way to get around the facts, bad things do happen to people who do business with Ryan Homes. Ryan Homes has been defamed by only a fraction their own bad deeds exposed, not by bad people, who for supposedly unexplainable reasons passionately dislike Ryan Homes. And to such a point, that Ryan Homes cannot and does not tolerate any genuine open public rating system, which means for Ryan Homes, the sum of reviews are either all positive or need to be removed by any means legal or otherwise. Due to our situation, I get to see them every single day, trying to hide and bury hundreds of honestly negative reviews.

Their high profit formula produces some bad results, whether intentional or not. However, itís abundantly clear they do well know it's going to inevitably cause problems. It's why all buyers must, often unknowingly, sign an "agreement" banning them from suing Ryan Homes before they ever had any thought or reason to consider it. It's why Ryan Homes demands non-disclosure on every nightmare home they build, when the issue leads to disputes that require third party resolution. It's why they conflict out all the good lawyers wherever they build as SOP, as quickly as possible, as they can still get sued and lose despite the forced arbitration requirements. Itís why those lost cases are invariably sealed from public view. Itís why they seek to force everyone with a dispute into a privately held justice system that specifically prohibits any disclosure of case facts and results, thatís heavily biased to favor companies like Ryan Homes, since they are in effect employees of the companies that send them all their valued arbitration business. It's why the company interests have pumped millions into campaign contributions. This is not how a company sincere about high quality handles quality control issues, but rather how they plan to get away with the consequences of cost saving shortfalls in their daily operations.

I have no doubt the spontaneous bloggers may be genuinely excited about their new home and happy with things more often than not. We would have been one of them early on. Except, we still would never set out to dismiss or attack hundreds of other victims who have some reason to be dissatisfied, or to prove none of the bad reviews were valid. Negative product reviews help to gauge purchase risk for a consumer, whether they agree with them or not, or have different experiences. And our house became completely uninhabitable due to mistakes seven years after buying it new, which is what it took to shake us from the delusion that the home was built right by a trustworthy company. Ours was a case where hidden errors slowly exposed became disastrous. Things can and do change.

God only knows whatís in the minds of people who set out to defame others with actual problems through blogging or counter point posting on complaint sites, that inevitably helps Ryan Homes continue their cover-up/bury it policies. The goal of the blog campaign is ultimately making Ryan Homes appear as the innocent victim of an unfairly bad reputation that in reality has been well earned. One thing thatís undeniable, once you become the victim of shoddy construction or unethical business practices, no claims or statistics of happy customers will fix your home or make you feel better about it.