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On September 16, 2013 at 7:11 PM L K> wrote:

We signed a contract for a town home in Shoreview Woods in Milton DE last Sept. it is 1 year later and still no house. Just dirt. We requested a Mutual Release from the contract but don' t expect this to go easily. Any suggestions?

Sent from my iPad

An interesting e-mail I got, Can't verify the information with certainty, but it appears in some cases according to the author of the e-mail, Ryan Homes does use unskilled immigrants, (we knew that) but has an insurance scam going where they (Ryan Homes) gets kick backs for repairing these unskilled workers many mistakes going on in Charlotte, NC. Looks like insurance fraud if I'm reading this correctly. Otherwise, it's a damn shoddy way to build homes at best.

08-09-2013 12:28 PM  ZM writes:

"My husband who is a professional contractor in Charlotte, NC worked for them briefly in 2013. This company is filled with inexperienced contractors who are here illegally and do no know what they are doing. They are hired by Ryan Homes to do the building and they make messes that require repair or reconstruction. This is costly but Ryan has warranties that they use to pay for the mess made by these inexperienced unreliable, unlicensed contractors.

So then they'll contract Charlotte Walls and Ceilings to clean up the mess and the warranty insurance will pay.
Both Ryan and Charlotte Walls and Ceilings split the payments from the insurance company as they continue to pay 8 to 9 dollars per hour for undocumented immigrants they claim are independent contractors 1099. My husband was let go when he refused their new deal of payment which was 12 hour days for 100.00 a day. He had to provide them with the use of his van and tools and the job sites exceeded 60 miles to and from. Ryan homes and Charlotte Walls and Ceilings exploit, exploit exploit and get paid twice. Once by the homeowners then by the insurance companies. What a scam."

I advised this person to contact NVR corporate and the police about allegations involving Ryan Homes subs. Not shocking info at all. The people that built our home were at times obviously BWI (building while intoxicated) A common problem in the high volume builder industry not seriously addressed IMO. But building for Ryan Homes as a sub is hard dirty work that pays very little and has no future, so it's almost understandable.

Received : 08-02-2013 02:54 PM

"I would prefer to remain anonymous,
Perhaps your readers would be interested in the subcontracting cleaners that frequent their properties. They are drunk from 6am before they start their jobs until they finish. They drive around Pennsylvania properties with partially occupied homes with children who reside in these properties. They are drunk and could potentially hit one of your kids. I suggest you check out who you have working on your properties because drunk drivers are liabilities. I would appreciate any contact info you have for executives of the PA sites so I may report it to them.
email me at ****

On June 23, 2013 at 2:22 p.m. <private> (Baltimore Maryland. region) wrote:

Thank you for your was very comforting. I told them that we are walking away and that we were willing to drop by to sign release forms. She said the forms come via mail and from the home office. I am sure they will stall and I am expecting a call from the sales manager to convince us to keep moving forward. But we are done...thank you again for all of your information and your website. When it feels like your dreams are falling apart, it is a good feeling to know you aren't the only one who's been through this.

Thank you again

K. P.

On June 7, 2013 at 5:23 PM PS <private> wrote:


 I don't have a Ryan Home, but I do have direct observation of how their houses are constructed. I did an iphone video of the processes going on around me in my existing neighborhood of The Settlement at Powhatan Creek, Williamsburg, VA. One observation - the labor that shows up is ALWAYS anonymous - all the time Anonymous White Vans with non-English speaking workers appear. These workers throw the houses up working as fast as they can to allow Ryan Homes to brag about their 90 day wonders. Oh yes, it looks like 90 days of work.

Our HOA limits construction hours from 7am. till 7pm. and no work on Sundays. The workers ignore this Developer's policy and we residents -- 55 & older community -- have to chase them off. It looks like a jumble at the work site. I'm appalled at the trash, the haphazard way the houses are put together. The brickwork on some is just shocking - sloppy drips of cement and uneven - some columns on one house weren't even plumb. I pity the people who buy these houses. I used a local Williamsburg builder, and sure it cost a bit more, but I know all the sub-contractors are real, valid American local business people that I can phone if I have a question and the subs of the builder himself will come out and help me. I was given a list of all the subs who worked on my house, builder has a year warranty.

Meantime, I watch the four Ryan Homes houses being built around me. This is a 55 & over aged community. We are disrespected by Ryan Homes site manager, who even hung the phone up on me when I called to tell him they were running generators on the street - AGAIN.

The workers are rude, play loud music, run their generators all day every day because Ryan Homes is too cheap to put in temporary electric service hubs. The foreign subs don't leave at the quitting time, and just appear to me to be a sloppy and haphazard lot. When they do quite on time, they throw wood into empty dumpsters which is one big racket. Over and over. Just stupid people doing stupid and rude things. Oh yeah - I pray if you buy Ryan, you'll keep these images in mind.

Ryan customers will LOVE the 24" centers inside the houses. Talk about cheap! Laborers came from white vans - no name or phone number - who are these people? No on knows. I call them the "Anonymous WHITE VAN" laborers. Good luck, buyers of Ryan Homes. You get what you pay for - your laborers are poor people from 3rd world countries and I highly doubt most are even legal residents of the USA. For sure most don't even speak English. I know my subs by their first names - and their businesses are labeled on their vans, trucks and trailers.

 I can really phone them - can you??

 I can say that I saw all of this going on for 4 houses, and I was appalled.

 I rarely saw Ryan buyers looking around the community or even talking to the people who built their houses.

We know it is a good thing to talk to the people who build our largest investment in our lives. Why wouldn't you?

I have collection of my iphone video posted on YouTube, "Ryan Homes subs at The Settlement, Williamsburg, VA" Take a look, this is just a small example.

 Good Luck, God Bless, Love Thy Neighbor - but how to reconcile "Village Idiot" with that. I cannot do that quite yet. So I have to keep praying.

On May 6, 2013 at 5:13 PM Cindy@<private> wrote:

I have owned my home for six years - I am the second  owner- I have never seen such poor workmanship and lack of quality in supplies. I have entire walls with nail pops and recently
I went to replace the 8 dollar light fixture in theater bathroom to find there was no mounting bracket and the light was held in by 3 screws directly into the drywall as well as there no wire box - wires just hanging through the wall!! The front door leaks- almost every window In the house leaks- nothing outside was ever caulked around windows, siding or doors.

I Would Never buy another Ryan home. It is a cheap piece of junk!!


> Sent from my iPhone
5/1/2013 From  <Private> South Dayton, Ohio
We are a week from closing. The gas meter was placed here. Pm mentioned it at the pre-drywall meeting but after the driveway was poured last Friday, we realized how unsafe this is and how tacky it looks. Getting a lot of push back from the pm on moving it. He did offer to put in a dummy post if I think I might actually one day hit it while laughing. Thoughts/suggestions appreciated.
We are a week from closing. The gas meter was placed here. Pm mentioned it at the pre-drywall meeting but after the driveway was poured last friday, we realized how unsafe this is and how tacky it looks. Getting a lot of push back from the pm on moving it. He did offer to put in a dummy post if I think I might actually one day hit it while laughing. Thoughts/suggestions appreciated.

My family and I signed a contract to build a new home with Ryan Homes in Carmel, IN in June 2012. Since that time dozens of construction errors have occurred. The project managers answer is to send in the painters to conceal the poor craftsmanship. We have $157,000.00 in extras installed in the home. Our brand new staircase was not installed correctly so they had to tear it out while doing so they left the $20,000.00 hardwood floors unprotected resulting in the entire 2,000 sq. ft. floor having to be completely tore out and replaced.

After this work was completed, they managed to again leave the hardwood floors unprotected and additional damage has occurred to the residence. We currently have a (3) page punch list that needs to be completed prior to our signing off on the acceptance paperwork and the Regional Mgr. for Ryan Homes, Brooks Longfellow has stated that he and his management staff have walked the home and feel the home is acceptable for us to purchase.

Today on the phone Mr. Longfellow stated that Ryan Homes contractually has (2) years to legally deliver your home. If you have any questions or would like to see our documentation of this construction horror please feel free to contact me at (private) At this point we have retained counsel. It is undetermined if we will continue with the purchase of the home or walk away. I would not recommend Ryan Homes.

February 22, 2013 from C.S @<private>


Yes, you are correct, they promised a level lot and then skirted around the issue stating that the lot is level in the front and in the back.  I specifically asked for a lot that had a minimal step down since I wanted a patio rather than a deck.  We were going to walk away from the house when they found this lot to be suitable.  Yes, they lied to me to get my money.  

They told us that they would rather walk away from the deal rather than add a deck to the house.  They are offering to put stairs that will be seen in front of my window as a peace offering.  I believe, on a $500,000 house, that they should suck it up and add one of their cheaply built decks and leave it alone.  I just want to be able to get to my back yard safely until I can have the thing ripped out and replaced with something more suitable to my taste.  

I cannot change the grade of the house and I am angry beyond belief that they have lied to me from the start.  I do have an agent that is working on this issue and she keeps arguing breech of contract.  Anyway, we don't know what we are going to do as of yet, but would lose a lot of money if we walked away.  I have planned on not closing until they do fix this issue and am discussing that with my agent as well.

My concern is this, if they have lied through their teeth about these issues, then will they ever stand behind their product?  Since I have been a pain in their eyes, will I get a decent product to begin with?  These are the questions I have and reasons I would like to walk away from the project.  

I am building in a suburb of Raleigh, NC close to a new 240 acre nature park, which is why I chose this location.  It really is a beautiful place and I am disappointed beyond belief that I have had theses issues.  This was supposed to be my dream home and now it is a home they built that I am trying to work with.  I thank you for your comments and I appreciate your response.  I will let you know how this will be resolved.

On January 26, 2013 From <private> near Wexford, PA

Brand new Ryan Home moved into this past October. Since move in, we have had the entire counter top and sink replaced, the shower we asked for wasn't installed and we had to argue to get a refund on the error, the carpeting is so cheap that the staple strip sticks up through and has stabbed our feet multiple times (ended up taking a hammer to them to flatten them down).

There are already large gaps between the ceiling, wall, and crown molding....and now our pipes are freezing because they were insulated against the outside wall. Our downstairs is around 15-20 degrees cooler than the rest of the house making it uninhabitable during winter. Our kitchen floor is also utterly freezing due to lack of insulation. Back to the pipes freezing...we called around noon to let them know there was a pro...See More

I forgot to add that the deck is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. The terminal beam is right in the middle of our kitchen window. Their excuse was that it was a fire code. Interesting that the other buildings don't have this shitty looking setup. The more I think about this house, the more I dislike it. We shall see if they can make things right.

On November 21, 2012 at 12:01 AM

Hi Ron!

I just found your website and Facebook Group (I wanted to message you on FB, but couldn't find a way to do so).

We already signed a purchase agreement on a new home to be built in Ohio. We are relocating from West Virginia, and I'm due to have a baby in December, so there's probably no way to constantly monitor the construction. We owe all the down payment monies (less the $2000 we already paid) on December 15th.

But, I'm a little freaked out. I don't want my 2 year old and the new baby to grow up in mold and us to sink tons of money into a new house that will fall apart within a year or two. I feel stuck now and wish I had seen your website sooner. Do you have any advice for me?

Reply to Nov 21, 2012 e-mail.

On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 3:32 PM, < CY> wrote:


I'm only 1/4 of the way through reading all the notes and emails submitted by previous/present owners of Ryan Homes. They are presently building a new development in Old Bridge Township, NJ called Redshaw Village and I was quite impressed with their website. But luckily for me and my family I found your website with the all information about the issues at hand. I can tell you for a fact that your persistence about informing people has probably saved me and my family a lifetime of pain and suffering potentially buying a Ryan Homes. Just wanted to tell you thanks!

On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 5:20 PM, A. M. <private> wrote:

Dear Ann Marie,

So many people complaining about the quality of the workmanship and illnesses that are a result of your company's construction.

I won't be buying a home from your company and so there is no need to contact me in Feb.


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From: Miller, Ann Marie <>
To: ***
Sent: Tue, Sep 18, 2012 2:27 am
Subject: Ryan Homes contact information

In a message dated 9/15/2012 5:49:52 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, <private> writes:

Much to our dismay this is what we found in our basement wall once Comprehensive Mold Management removed the Ryan installed insulation to address mold issues. Any explanations? Just one of numerous complaints regarding the Ryan experience.

Ryan Homes Shoddy Repair Patch

UPDATE 09/20/2012: Ron, thank you for the website and eventual contact with Ryan Homes. Dave and Ron stopped by and inspected the hole in the basement, actual concrete delivery hole for the basement floor, never filled in. They will be here next Monday and Tuesday to rectify!
Thanks again.

On Tue, Jul 31, 2012 at 8:09 AM, <M. M. @private> wrote:

Be very careful to watch Ryan, and its subcontractors, when it comes time to grade and sod your lawn. We are now unable to even plant a flower on the lawn of our new Ryan home in Maryland because under the sod, Ryan left large rocks, construction waste, and other debris that prohibits tilling the soil. The sod took, but will eventually die, due to the inadequate base. Terrible way to do business, Ryan.

On Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 10:59 AM, <Private> wrote:

There are so many things wrong with our  6 year old home I can't list them
all. What a crap house for 400k. I'll never let a friend buy a Ryan home

Sent from my iPad

On Tue, July 6, 2012 at 10:55 AM <private> wrote:

I'm reading the horror stories on your website and thought I would like to share a few things too.  First off, I am writing this as I sit in my 6 year old Ryan "dream" home that has again, for the second year in a row has no AC.  This time our blower went.  Last year, it was the motor that cost us $1600 to repair.  Warranty?  Oh that went up 2 months before the motor went. And today and tomorrow in Pennsylvania, we will be enduring record high heat.

I suppose I should've seen the writing on the wall.  When we first came to the house to check on the progress, they had "forgotten" to put in the Cathedral ceiling in the Master Bedroom.  When we asked to repair, they said it was too late and they were sorry. 

Within a month after we closed, every time we would shower in the Master Bath, water would pour from our kitchen recessed lighting.  I cannot tell you how many phone calls were made to finally get someone out to look.  First yahoo said it was roof leaking so they then sent a roof guy who said not roof.  Second plumber didn't see anything wrong and said it was fine.  If it was fine, then why does it shower in my kitchen as well. Round 3, they find a faulty pipe and tear apart the ceiling in my kitchen to repair.  Then, they went MIA and I still had a hole in my ceiling!  For weeks, I waited to for the drywall guy to fix it, but he no-showed.  I had missed so much work because of this that when he finally did show, I left him to do his thing.  When I came home, the repair job was awful.  The patch didn't match the rest of our ceiling.  I attached a picture of it for you.  Of course, no one would again come to fix it and to be honest, I just gave up.

We have had other minor issues too.  Nail pops, the banister is falling apart, cabinet doors falling off in the kitchen, the flooring between kitchen and family room has separated and even condensation in the window panes (they actually fixed that one).  Even our shutters faded and of course, the warranty was up. 
What makes is all better is that they offered us an incentive called the 3-2-1 buy down which allowed for them to pay towards your mortgage for 3 years.  After the 3rd year, what we were told we would pay and what we are paying is about $300 higher per month (no increase in taxes either to attribute to this).  Originally we were with NVR, but they sold it to Countrywide which went under and now we are stuck with BOA (another nightmare corporation). 

So much for our so-called "dream home" that we sunk our life savings in to make a wonderful life for our family.

On June 1, 2012: Not a personal complaint, but an E-note with photos sent in by a concerned resident.

Picture of a Ryan Homes Home Under Construction. It is reported to have been exposed to rain for two days and workers began covering soaked wood two hours after the rain stopped. A common complaint, homes that get wet while under construction are not always given time to properly dry in the rush of volume sales production.

On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 5:52 PM, CT <private> wrote:

Issues "resolved." Complaint removed by request.
We own a Ryan home in the O'Bannon Meadows subdivision on Loveland, Ohio. ********

On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 4:30 PM, B.C. <private> wrote:

When Ryan Homes sells you a house they promise that everything will be done to make you happy and they will correct any defects. That is a lie. During the building process we called several times to ask why our siding was not on the house, when it was supposed to be. Common sense tells you its necessary to keep the rain out. We were promised that it would be installed the next business day. 3 weeks later in the wettest time of the year here, the insulation was in, drywall up and painted and still no siding. There was no attempt not even so much as a tyvek cover to help keep a little rain out. No effort was made.

Insulation, drywall and studs were visibly saturated and there was standing water on the floor. Still Ryan Homes refused initially to admit to any wrong doing in causing this nor to correct it. Other builders have told us that this procedure is absolutely unacceptable. We had to fight with them every step of the way to even make the minimal considerations to fix it. When it finally was fixed, fighting them every step of the way, the drywall was not repaired correctly. It should have been replaced. We have the visibly bumpy walls as a permanent reminder of Ryan Homes mistakes. They dumped the concrete waste in our front yard. There is still a lump of it under a rock garden where no grass will grow.

They did not install the garage door opener that we ordered. We paid extra for a high grade carpet that buckled up after 3 months in the house. The furnace was not inspected and never even connected. The first freezing day we had, it was also freezing inside the house. 3 years later the carpet still buckles, electrical switchs wont work and outlets have to be replaced, wiring must be redone, there are electrical shorts throughout the home and all of it I have to fix at my own expense. Ryan Homes response in all seriousness is to tell me that I can hire a contractor to have it fixed. Really? The contractors I hire openly tell me that the things they fix were installed incorrectly.

Still Ryan homes refuses to repair any of it. A large percentage of our neighbors houses also have had their inner walls finished and insulated with no exterior siding to keep the rain and snow out. Siding is late, roofing is late and nothing stops their schedule in finishing the interior. When the wind blows I can watch the shingles come off my neighbors roofs. They have children working on hazardous construction sites too.

They will refuse to fix anything before your warranty runs out. Then once it does run out they will tell you that they cant because your warranty ran out. Imagine buying tires that vibrate your car. You take it back over and over for the dealer to correct it but it isnt corrected, until the warranty finally expires and they throw up their hands and say its not their problem anymore. Thats what Ryan Homes does. Its as if a problem that was there from the first day that they caused somehow becomes your own fault after the magic date is passed. I would not buy another Ryan Home nor recommend it to anyone else. Ryan Homes sucks!

On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 10:53 PM, A.A. <private> wrote:

Good Evening,

I just read your website and am so alarmed. Tomorrow is day 3 since we signed a contract. We contacted the agent today as well as sent an email to cancel our contract. Throughout the contract process, the Ryan homes agent stated several times that, we have 3 days to cancel our contract. In reading our contract, we do not see anything referencing this at all. We do remember signing something about a 3 day cancellation policy but for some reason were not given a copy of it. We are heading to the Ryan homes office tomorrow to cancel in person and are hoping we will be able to. Are you aware of a 3 day rule that allows for cancellation of a real estate contract in the state of Virginia?

Thank you so much for any information you can provide. I am so sorry for all of the troubles you encountered. I am thankful that you are helping many by giving your testimony.

Have a nice evening,

From: OwnerRHNM
  Apr 25, 2012

to A.A.

In VA the 3 days grace period is called the right of rescission. If you cancelled the contract within that time it is null and void. There should be signed notice of this right in your contracts. It is one of the main things that made our home loan contract invalid. We can take them to court and they would be required to pay back every cent we paid them on the mortgage from the date the contract went into effect, plus our legal fees required to recover the invalidated loan payments.

Good luck!


On Sat, Apr 21, 2012 at 10:37 AM, <private> wrote:

I, too, have had problems with my Ryan Home which was bought March, 2004.  I lived out-of-state but did come to my new home location on several occasions.  Most of the workers I saw working on my home were inexperienced and part of a cheap labor crew.  One of the major problems I have had with my home have been with my roof.  I have had interior damage (which they finally agreed to fix six months ago). I pointed out a roof/gutter problem at the front entrance which I reported when I first moved into the home that has never been fixed properly.  I also had two outside problems with water running down the side of my side which they agreed to fix when they were here for the major problem.  Now I have another inside water stain in a different room of my house.  They say my house (which just turned eight years old) is not their responsibility but they would be glad to recommend a Roofing Company.  At no time did they ever bring a Roofer  to my home to repair damage of the poor workmanship when the home was under construction. I have owned two other new homes and never had a roofing problem.  It has been an ongoing problem with my roof with Ryan Home.
I would also like to bring something else to your attention since I am a Single Woman who bought this house. I hired an inspector to come check this house before the final closing and there were quite a few items that needed to be taken care of by the builder. One of the main items was my home looked like it was just sitting on the ground. This was definitely noted by the Inspector so the building superintendent who was the overseer of my home came to my door with a big smile on his face, surrounded by four other workmen, and asked me, where should they remove the dirt from around my house. I found that to be a very personal attack on me a female buyer. I never found the building superintendent to be pleasant to me as a customer. This was the beginning of the attitude that I have seen among all of the Ryan Homes staff in this area, plus the corporate staff. I plan to file a complaint to the NC State Attorney General's Office. Everyone should file complaints to their State's Attorney General's Office so the states can see how the homeowners are treated by these companies. We are taxpayers.

Charlotte, NC

On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 12:36 PM, S. O. <private> wrote:

I have a Ryan home in Kirkpatrick Community in Aldie, VA. 8 years old and I can't tell you how disappointing and depressed I am with having 3 major water leaks in my home. I am astonished that this has happened in 8 years in one home. Water leak in box bay window, water supply valve leak in the master tub and now recently, the water supply line leak all down to the basement (will need new dry wall and carpeting) from the kitchen sink cabinet. I think Ryan homes should stand by their building and take care of this third leak, I can't even find a website with which to email them about this horrible situation....but I'm sure they won't since I am out of warranty. I will never buy a Ryan again.

S. O.

On Sun, Mar 11, 2012 at 8:04 AM, P.G. <private> wrote:

 Dear Sir or Madam,
 I was in the process of buying a townhouse on Glebe Meadow Way in Edgewater. I had a home inspection which revealed a 1& 1/4 slope to a 4 foot stretch. I then had a structural inspector come in who told me the house was probably built that way. I contacted the Anne Arundel County Sr. Building Inspector, who advised me that there is no building code in Anne Arundel County for level floors. Also the particular development of townhomes I was looking at were a joint venture between NVR and Ryan Homes. I was surprised about the lack of code and decided to pull out of the deal. I later learned of your webpage and now feel good about pulling out of the deal. The townhouse was very nice, decorated beautifully and in a very nice area. Im glad I didnt throw $400M into a money pit. I am from a builders family in Bergen County, New Jersey. I cant imagine retiring to a substandard property.
 Thank you
 P G



Thanks for writing. So many people would be saved a lot of misery if the just followed your example and use a real building inspector before taking a Ryan Homes home. We do have codes here too but Ryan Homes didn't seem to need to follow them in our home, and serious other shoddy construction practices found here are also not covered by the codes. Hard to reckon how making such a huge purchase has less consumer protection than buying a toaster. Also saddens me to hear people buy a Ryan Homes to retire in, not knowing they're moving into a possible fixer-upper home that's going to be falling apart by the tenth year from often unnoticed shortcuts and cheap fixtures and so on. btw NVR and Ryan Homes, which at one time was NV-Ryan are the same company, just dif divisions now.

I hope you can find a well built retirement home. I know RH is good at acquiring land options in prime locations, particularly in the current market where good builders may be struggling. They can also squeeze out good builders who use skilled labor and quality materials because on the surface they do appear the same. But they're ad words of pride, quality, and trust, are just words some writer came up with behind a computer, whose never even been to a job site, nor has any idea what their real practices are. I think you should be able to talk to the head of the company who builds your home, but at NVR /Ryan Homes he doesn't have time or any concern for the little nobodies who make him millions. Fortunately you've saved yourself from getting to know too much about this builder.

Best of luck,


On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 12:08 PM, <private> </> wrote:

Dear Ms. Wright, First, I want to thank you very much for establishing this website which provides critical aspects that I need to look while I was talking to the agent of Ryan Homes. Last Sunday, I just put down an earnest check to hold a lot and planned to sign the contract this Monday. But when I got home after putting down the check, I was shocked by your website that I googled out. Yesterday (Monday) they explained to me in detail how their homes are built, about the advantage of their energy star, and also about their version of your story.

They said that you were former employee of Ryan Homes. Since you left the company within 2 years, and hence the company came back to you and collected the employee discount that was given to you when you bought their house. You are angry with that and hence start the website. They said they tried to inspect your house and to look at the problems that you mentioned, but you did not let them in.

These are story of you told by Ryan Homes. I will meet with the construction guys of them tomorrow to talk about the quality of the house. I have several questions and hope you can provide your input before I go to talk to them.

1. I am wondering if the story told by them is true or not. If not, could you tell me the true story?
2. I am the first time buyer in Indiana, and know nothing about the quality of the house. If I really want to test them, what hard question should I ask?
3. The collection of the emails in your website is very long, could you give me several outstanding examples of dissatisfied customers, and maybe with some pictures?
4. Is there any lawsuit between you and Ryan Homes, if yes, what is the progress?

Thank you very much! ***

Thanks again for writing. I do seriously need to know the office/ location and if possible the person that made slanderous statements about Carmen Wright and my site. Just the site info would likely be enough.

Owner :

On Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 6:29 PM, <Private> wrote:

I have a five year old Ryan home and it has leaked in different places for more than five years. They have been out to fix (without success) and haven't done so for more than five years. I'm tired of the run around from the service manager. I would like to pursue legal action, but I am not sure it is worth it. I would imagine all the laws are there to protect them. The one leak is so bad, that the whole side of my house is ruined. I have the insurance company and public adjuster arguing over how much it is to fix the damage, but I much rather have Ryan pay for everything. Is there any legal action you can take against Ryan homes? Any advice would be helpful

Kindest Regards


I have talked to a few people that had Ryan Homes built and they all say they have issues.  Some minor and some you just wouldn't believe.  My only consolation to this whole process is that I was able to talk two people out of buying Ryan Homes.  I actually carry pictures of the damaged caused to my house on my phone and show everyone.  The look of disbelief on their faces helps sooth the anguish I have over my house knowing that they will never buy a Ryan Homes
Again, thank you for your time,

RE: TO Be Continued....

I am trying to find an email address for Paul C. Saville CEO of Ryan homes can someone help me get that.
Thank you.

RE: OwnerRHNM Jan 17 to <Private>

Been asked that before but I've never got it. But my experience, he won't read regular mail from customers or take calls from them, so I don't think sending e-mail would reach him, even if the address was published somewhere. If a person really wanted to reach him where he didn't want to be reached, there's always a way though. Sorry. best of luck,


On Sat, Jan 14, 2012 at 12:35 PM, <private> wrote:

Hi Ronald,,

I was researching concrete issues to back my claim there is an issue with my concrete driveway scaling prematurely - 6 months after poured. Also, we have a list of issues/repairs we needed fixed at our 1 year, but it seems the repairs need rework (some up to 7 times). I think my wife and I are at the point we have to start putting our foot down. We want quality repairs done on the first pass and other issues are legitimate issues (scaling of concrete, basement wall crack need sealing not caulk, how many cracks are acceptable in a newly poured foundation wall??). I would love to discuss these issues & more with you and see what recourse we may have as larger group.

I look forward from hearing from you.

Thanks, ****

On Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 1:47 PM, <Private> wrote:

Good Afternoon, I was searching for common issues we have in our community and ran across your site. I wish I found it sooner. The one below is exactly the same type of community we have and instead of Ryan Homes fixing the entire community only considers issues unit by unit. I was hoping if you had a POC for that community so that I could cross reference some of our complaints. Complaints: Insulation and sound barrier issues. moisture through walls (the mold is something we need to really consider from your site) Weeping holes not consistent water entry through flashing improper parking lot design roof shingle incorrect design

On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 8:58 AM, <Private> wrote:

WOW - your site brings back memories for me. I bought a Ryan Home in 1999; well, picked one for them to build, and I thought everything was fine until I sat here and thought about it once reading some of the stories on your site. I too was charged a premium lot fee (for one hell of a hill), I too had so little dirt that a worm would starve, and dry spots on the lawn where they mixed the mortar and never cleaned it prior to tossing grass seed on the sand, I too had so many bumps in my yard it was often confused by the Hubble Space Telescope as the surface of Mars, had so many screw pops in the drywall I could have made a braille book to tell a story of each room, and had toilet paper and towel holders falling off the wall akin to fat dropping at a Weight Watchers meeting.

We had other problems - screws and nails all over the street during construction of the homes - I was forced to fight these guys on a number of occasions to fix and replace tires on our vehicles - they actually had the kahunas to tell us we could pick these nails up anywhere - O.K...gee - a nail in my tire that matches the nail on the siding across the street coincidentally coinciding when their siding guy was there and maybe I picked it up in the parking lot of my kids school? A screw in my tire matching the screws used on the duct work while the HVAC company was installing same in the house next door but by the gods, I could have picked that up at the lake. We fought with them over and over on cleaning up the streets. They'd claim that they had a street cleaner go thru every Friday - bull. We both work from home and hardly saw one. It was only when my wife threatened to get a trade Union in there and to call INS to check the documentation on their workers that the streets started to get cleaned up.

Gutters - how funny they were! I swear - no joke - gutters are seen as a decoration and not a functioning feature designed to pull water away from the home by these guys. Mine were not pitched to do anything but look like a finish point of the roof line. Years after construction, I put a marble in them all and not one of them pitched to the end. Water would fill in them and drop over the edge - each side of the edge, causing water damage under the roof shingles and ultimately into the home onto the drywall. If you are building one now, demand to see a marble go in the far end of each gutter and see it fall down the spout.

Oh - small issue - my entire foundation was poured - backwards. I was looking at the prints and looking at the pour - print - pour - print - pour - wait a minute....the garage is supposed to be on the other side!

On Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 4:29 PM, <Private> wrote:

Ive just tried contacting Ryan Homes on issues with the house we purchased.  They will not fix the drywall tape coming from the ceiling 2 stories up,  They will not fix the large gap caused by the house settling or the fact the frame in the garage is off the base.  We had to have the garage framed up on our own.  Some of the doors in the house do not close/lock.  The front door can be locked but it will open without even turning the knob.  Closet doors do not shut tight.  They open on their own as do some of the room doors.  The gas company came out and tightened the fixtures to the furnace.  The smell of gas was so strong and you could even taste it.  Ryan homes will not fix any of the problems. 

Just a heads up for those thinking of purchasing a home. I feel a company worth their salt would want to make things right because their name is on the product.  Again, another showing of what is no longer pride in workmanship.

On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 5:15 PM, <Private> wrote:

Hello, well I thought I would give this a try. Our home is in N.C. and is leaking like a sieve. We just had our Insurance adjuster out and thought it may have been from the hail damage. He took a look and he hasnt gotten back with us on the roof yet. However, he took one look at our siding job and said its the worst he has seen. We have a front door with is rotting out and smells of mold. The kitchen window leaks so bad when it rain we have to put towels on the counter to prevent it going on the floor. We already have caulked and re caulked both. We did the siding on the slider doors a while back which has at least was fixed. Also We have replaced all the siding on the fireplace flu due to it melting. Big deal is we now discovered we can actually see day light in the attic where the plywood has a gap. Look like it was cut short probably to save cost. Not sure who to turn to but thought I would write a note to you.


Re: (when was the closing date for the original buyer)

That I do not know.  I know it was when the home was built which is longer than 1 year ago.  I think you have to see this place to understand this is from the house settling.  The frame of the garage was no longer setting on the block base.  All a lot of the doors to not latch.  There is a large gap where the dining area meets the kitchen.  The gas pipes in the basement were leaking gas.  I had Columbia Gas come out.  They used their equipment and found numerous ill fitting connections. 


My father was a contractor his entire life.  He built their house in 1949 and it has never had any of these problems.  Plus he was a man of integrity and if something like this would have happened no matter when it occurred he would have stepped up to the plate and make it right.  That is PRIDE     IN WORKMANSHIP.  Something that does not happen anymore.  As long as the BIG GUYS get their money they do not care. 

The things Im asking for isnt something that the previous owner or myself caused. 

Thank you for your time and I really hope this helps you make the right decision.


On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 7:55 PM, <Private> wrote:

Where to start. Roof in the sun room leak after the first storm, 15 tiles in the kitchen have cracked, more than 100 nail pops throughout the house, the fireplace has leaked cold air since day one despite three attempts by ryan to fix, guest room bath leaked into the office below and again into the living room, both furnace broke within five years, there is a leak in the Freon line since we moved in, none of the doors locks lined up, our sons room which is over the garage is freezing cold in the winter (no insulation), walk out basement now has mold from backyard being graded to the door and causing leaks, and three of the cabinet doors were broken when we moved in and three drawers have broken. They also threatened to sue us if we didnt close at the determined date despite the fact there was no refrigerator, stove or microwave in the house. They have continued to screw us over and I will never purchase a Ryan home again



On Sat, October 17, 2011 at 1:03 AM,  (OWNER OF THIS SITE) wrote:

I have another complaint on here about our Ryan Homes home, but this is a new issue, in that this is about the reputation repair scheme NVR/ Ryan Homes has engaged in. Also there is much more personal information I had reserved for the book about a ten+ year nightmare. I think with all told, it should be an incredible but true story few could imagine.

There are new Ryan Homes blog campaigns showing up in droves due to what I believe are undisclosed incentives to recent buyers for posting favorable blogs. Ryan Homes is hoping these people will make other complaints, including those on this site statistically trivial. Other reputation repair efforts are being applied to hide and further dismiss our experiences through a variety of websites, while their true intent is just reprehensible IMO.

To those participating in repairing Ryan Homes horrible online reputation, know this. The pain from the tumor I had to have removed due to my toxic Ryan Homes exposure will be felt every moment of the rest of my life. There's a lifetime of meds my significant other of 15 years will have to take which RH's hidden defective construction caused. This is not about being a dissatisfied customer, this is about being lifelong victims.

The carbon monoxide exposure from defects is believed to have caused her to miscarriage, among other unforgettable things. Ryan homes knows about this and there is so much more not posted about the total depth of losses. They couldn't be held liable, so they just have no reason to care. I can only praise Google and other search providers for keeping the net relatively free so ALL information can't easily be bought and buried by the big nefariously corporations like NVR ruining America today.

Yet and still, some people believe I spent over ten years on a website and filed many complaints on other sites simply as a dissatisfied customer, and our issues should be statistically acceptable. Too sad for those who still try to sell that, who turn a blind eye to more basic core values of truth. What is so infuriating, so despicable, is they KNOW what they did and still do, and yet all they want to do is bury it at any cost.

They made no sincere effort to give us support while under warranty, that could have saved us over ten years of losses costing hundreds of thousands, when multiple repairs and total loss of use of the defective home put us under water. Then the economy crashed because of their industry's fraud, and we lost our income.

So to those who do research to see if that incredibly cheap house is as they may suspect, "to good to be true," even if it works out okay for many in the end, don't dismiss the high cost of cheap housing Ryan Homes builds. Maybe you won't have to pay, but rest assured somebody has, and somebody else will.  

On Tues, Nov 14, 2011, <private> wrote:

Thanks for the GOOD NEWS

Last month (Oct) I went to look at some of Ryans home (Ryan Homes) in the Mechanicsburg, PA. I drove through the unfinished streets and ongoing construction of the newly built homes and neighborhood. The location is near the Naval Depot and the Army War College. The location is where quit a few military personnel have decided to put down roots. I lived in Mechanicsburg for a few years before moved to West Virginia to take a job helping to train military and first responders with chemical war agents.

I had planned to relocate back to Mechanicsburg and purchase one of the Ryans Home (Ryan Homes) that I looked up on the internet.   I had planned on making one of the Ryans Homes (Ryan Homes) my final home; living among mostly military personnel. After reading all the reviews I cannot consider purchasing a home from Ryan (Ryan Homes). Thank you all for saving me from making a significant costly mistake!!!!



( )

Exercise Planner/Trainer

Center for National Response (CNR)

Joint Interagency Training and Education Center (JITEC)

On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 8:24 PM,  <private> wrote:

Today I met their sales rep and of course she was sweet and funny......I liked the deal but after reviewing your website I am not going to buy from them. Just wanted to let you know, Thanks for the post.

On Sun, Oct 9, 2011 at 10:58 PM,  <private> wrote

Consumer Angels!

Dear Consumer Advocates!

Thank you so much for establishing this site ! You literally saved us from making the worst investment mistake of our lives.

My heart goes out to each of you as you overcome the obstacles of having purchased a Ryan Home. It's times like this I wish I were an attorney! No one should have to deal with the lies and deceit of money-hungry corporations that feed on people's good will - and no one is left unscathed by these people. I'm completely appalled! Of all the individuals these people scam - they have hurt our military service members and their families as well - the very people that put their lives on the line every day to keep this nation free.

 I keep asking myself, "Is there anything that can be done to bring justice to these bandits and vindicate those individuals scammed?
Yes!  It  will take a grass roots campaign to bring justice to these folks.  Start now by organizing by state to:
1.  Write letters to your congressmen - 1 letter represents 10,000 votes.  Seriously!  Be professional, state the facts and as that something be done.
2.  Take your story to the media!  Small local media and big time news media - 60 Minutes, CNN, Oprah, Anderson Cooper, you name it - tell your story and talk about how what was supposed to be a family home filled with warm memories became a nightmare and financially, emotionally etc. bankrupt your family.
3.  Send duplicates of everything to the President of the United States - YES - get national attention.....
4.  Military members should contact their JAG, their IG and any other state and federal representative on their behalf.  Also, have you Command put Ryan Homes on a 'Off Limits' list.  Military personnel should also contact USAA and let the banking/lending folks be aware of Ryan Homes and that it is not a good investment.
5.  Corporations and businesses (homeowners insurance companies etc)  can do similar things - put Ryan Homes on an "off limits' list. 
6.  Conduct local peaceful protests - carry signs and draw attention to the injustice.
7.  Run local 'news shows' you produce and air on local cable news channels.  As a community TV station you can air what you are wiling to produce.
9.  Keep all your correspondence with Ryan Home representatives.  Never put anything in print you wouldn't want to see in the press.  Always be professional and stick with the facts - especially if you are given the opportunity to be interviewed.  Media loves Jerry Springer-like animation - don't be pulled into the frenzy, but rather, remain calm, cool, collected and stay on point - state the facts and ask for resolution.
10.  Never give up, never give in!  Each of you knows what Ryan Homes must do to make things right - tell the world but be calm and professional always.
Best of luck to each of you.  I will keep you in my prayers!


On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 10:46 AM, J S<private> wrote:

Wow! And Thank You!

My wife and I were pretty much convinced we were going to buy a Ryan Home next month (The Belford Model). One day our realtor said to us she wasnt a fan of Ryan Homes. But the more I looked at the model the more we felt in loved with it. But there was just an unease feeling about her comment that kept playing back in my mind over and over again. This morning I couldnt take it anymore and I went online to find reviews for Ryan Homes. A few months ago we had our first baby girl, and just reading through your story filled my heart with saddened just to think about your family and the possibility that we might find ourselves in that same situation. Today I decided we will not be buying a Ryan Home. Not just because of the structural problems you had with your home, but also because of the lack of integrity of this company. Once again I say, thank you.

On Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 12:45 PM, B G <private> wrote:

Good morning!
I just returned from a visit to our resident Ryan Homes sales representative who was perturbed that I walked in when she was with a potential client to inform her that, yet, another door had fallen off of our kitchen drawer fronts. This is the third one in 2 years, oddly enough we paid for the 'upgraded' cabinets.
While I did state the issue matter-of-factly, at no point in time did I raise my voice... however, she felt the needed to consistently remind me to calm down. To which I consistently repeated that I was, indeed, calm. Ironically enough she stated that I was being unprofessional in the fact that I walked in to the model home, while a customer was present, to discuss this problem. I used the word "ironic" because I thought it was unprofessional to build a home with sub-standard products (which, to a layperson, seems unprofessional).
While I won't go into all the details I would like to note she did mention it is possible that the recent earthquake (admittedly nearby) caused some damage to the cabinets. I have been out of the country the past 2 weeks, however, my Wife informs me that this THIRD drawer front fell off BEFORE the earthquake hit. Perhaps, somehow it knew the earthquake coming and just decided to get a head start on things?
Even if by some cosmic miracle that was the case, the earthquake doesn't account for the first 'upgraded' cabinet door that fell off... or the second. Both of which fell off at different times over the past year. The first drawer front was repaired, the second broke before our home warranty expired (and our service call was submitted in that timeframe as well), however drawer front #2 still has not been repaired and currently the drawer front is being held in place by industrial staples purchased at Lowes (who DO care about their customers). Drawer front #3 broke after the warranty expired, and while I don't believe the issue will be resolved by Ryan Homes, I think it's likely due to the same sub-standard materials and craftsmanship which caused the defects in the other 2 drawer fronts.
You might be wondering "What the heck does this guy put in his drawers that makes all the faces fall off... bricks? lead?". In this case that drawer contained NEATLY organized sandwich bags and trash bags. NEATLY organized means: still in their cardboard containers, and NOT stacked above the drawer height such as would cause a drawer malfunction. Probable total weight of contents in the drawer probably less than 10 Lbs (maybe more like 5 Lbs). I keep emphasizing NEATLY in case someone from Ryan Homes reads this and decides it would be in their best interest to paint the picture that I had just stuffed the drawer haphazardly or played a game of "How many sandwich baggies can I fit in this drawer".
I would likely not be writing this had Ryan's representative not been belligerent to me when I went to discuss the issue. A simple: "I'm sorry, here, let me get the number to our representative who can work with you on this issue" would have sufficed. Ryan Homes, if you do read this... take that into consideration, tell your representatives to listen to the purchasers of your homes and maybe even feign interest or become actively engaged in solving the problem. The fact that this website even exists is an indicator that Ryan Homes builds an inferior product. Shall I discuss the leak in my master bath shower that destroyed part of the wall in my dining room? That issue was resolved... but, Ryan Homes GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER.
Luckily there is still construction ongoing in my neighborhood. If the issue to drawer front # 2 (which happened and was documented by Ryan Homes BEFORE our warranty expired) is not resolved by Ryan Homes I will likely exercise an American's right of free speech and post this website on a banner on my garage and perhaps a sign in my front yard which explains the problem. Luckily I am 3 houses up from the model home and anyone driving up would likely see my sign in the front yard. Perhaps I'll invite folks in and share my story and to peruse this website. I would like to note that I have not indicated any intention of engaging in illegal activity. Merely posting information on my property and inviting others into my home to share my experience.
In the same regards that Ryan Homes does not either care or understand that cheap materials or inferior craftsmanship make for a poor quality (sometimes dangerous) home... I don't 'understand' (or care for that matter) that expressing the truth and exercising my right to free speech could have a negative impact on Ryan Homes' ability to sell houses in my neighborhood.
I very much look forward to reading more stories about Ryan Homes nightmares on your website.

On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 4:14 PM, T N <private> wrote:

I heard bad things about Ryan homes, but I was hoping I'll get lucky and not get one of the poorly built homes by Ryan Homes.  I regret my decision of purchasing a home built by Ryan Homes.  The house was built in 2006 and all the grout in the master bathroom are coming off.  There were gaps between the tiles because the grout came out in the shower area, now I'm worry if the area is molded. 

The AC unit leaks water in the attic and the plywood became molded.  The AC repairmen said there's nothing he could do about it as it was poorly installed with lack of insulations and cheap material.  Not to mention at night time, I can hear the fan of the HVAC going so loud. 

There was also gas leakage coming from the pipe because they were using cheap material.  Had I not discover the leakage in time, my house would have been exploded!

The walls are not even and bumpy where the nails are.

This is my first time buying Ryan Homes and also last!

Also, watch out for the sales rep.  They are trained to sell the house quickly.  When I was looking at new construction homes by Ryan Homes, they told me there were only 1 or 2 lots available so I was rushing and almost sign the contract, luckily I didn't.  A couple months later, I saw a bunch of houses in the same area posted for sale.

On Sun, Jun 26, 2011 at 4:49 PM, Lisa <private> wrote:
Well, I couldn't agree more with every one of these comments posted.  ALL SO TRUE!!!!  We purchased a Ryan home in Western NY area and it was the biggest (and most expensive) mistake ever!!  Shoddy workmanship is putting it lightly. Quality is just NOT there, you can't even use the word "quality" in the same sentence as Ryan Homes. The project manager was a complete joke,  he was an uncaring clueless poor excuse of a project manager.  I had the same issue with the grading of the yard. 

They pretty much stripped most of the top soil and left me with a rocky, uneven, half azzed job. I still, 11 yrs later, have a terrible lawn no matter what I do to it.  Nothing in the house was flush.  Had storm doors installed and the installer couldn't believe how uneven the framing of the house was, he almost couldn't install the door.  He told me he saw that alot with Ryan homes.  They go with the lowest bidders, who do shoddy work, throw up the house as fast as they can, using the absolute bottom of the barrel, cheapest supplies they can get their  hands on and put it all together half ass and in a hurry.  Let's do the math.....shoddy contractors + cheap materials + throw it up as fast as we can and cut corners  mentality = homeowners NIGHTMARE!!!!  

My towel bars in 2 of the bathrooms literally "fell off the wall", when I called Ryan, they sent over 3 derelicts that looked they they just crawled out of a cardboard box in an alley.  These guys showed up at 830 at night in November,  I was afraid to let them in!  Appeared to have been drinking and they shoddily threw up the towel bars and left a bigger mess than you could imagine!  I was pissed!  I could have done a better job myself.  I had to sand down the grout and fix it myself and I'm a female.  In retrospect, I shouldn't have even let them in that night, but I was young and naive and this was our first  home.   You can complain all you want to Ryan, but NEVER get anywhere.  When they do send someone out to make a repair, they do a s**t job and don't care.  The problem NEVER gets resolved and repairs are never done right.  It's just not worth the constant badgering, as THEY
DO NOTHING.  NO customer service skills what so ever! 

I tell everyone I encounter who thinks of buying a home to stay away from this builder.  Someone said it perfectly in a prior's  like lipstick on a pig!  It truly is.  They desperately try to suck you in and once you sign, you've basically just enlisted yourself in "homeowner's hell".  As the years go by, all the shortcuts and  half azzed building comes to fruition and you find out along the way all the things that were done wrong.  They also forgot to install a basement window, an outdoor light, and so many  numerous things gone wrong.  You pay to upgrade everything, but all the upgrades are junk themselves.  The kitchen island is what i can best describe as paneling sides with wood front doors that don't match. 

Plumbing was a joke as well.  I have leaks in my walls from the outside in.  It must have come in between the vinyl siding.  A leak in my ceiling from upstairs bathroom from shoddy plumbing, i can't get to it as i would have to tear the wall apart.  My  vinyl siding is rippling on one side.  I had water pouring (in a faucet fashion) from the concrete basement foundation. My neighbors had severe basement flooding and when they changed their sump pump, found potato chip bags and garbage that the builders had thrown into it.  The drywallers swept all the nails and broken pieces of drywall and dust down into my floor vents instead of sweeping it up and throwing it out. 

Even the painter half coated my casement molding and doors ( of which i paid extra to do as I had picked a whiter color)  Had Pergo floors installed and spent a day removing visible glue...I thought these were floating floors and didn't require any glue!!!   I'm afraid to ask!  Overall, dealing  with Ryan has been the one of the most awful experiences of my life and I encourage anyone even considering to build with them, to PLEASE, PLEASE do your homework. 

 Learn from all of us here so that our mistakes don't become yours. 

On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 10:15 AM, M.E. <private> wrote:

Thanks to this site and visits to several Ryan Homes communities in southern Delaware last month, the decision to not buy Ryan was an easy one.  The phrase "lipstick on a pig" is how I would summarize the quality of the homes I saw.  In other words, the models were beautifully decorated, but the underlying quality was suspect.  Some examples:
1. The 'upgraded' kitchen cabinets in one model had cheap metal guides, stapled/glued drawer joints, and particle board frames.  Again, this is what the $1500 up-charge from their standard grade buys you.
2. The windows were some off-brand name that I can't remember and were exceedingly thin and cheap looking.  I opened one of them and could easily twist the frame back and forth.  With a little more effort, I probably could have twisted the window right out of the frame.
3. In the model home, I noticed that the whole front of the house shook and the windows rattled when someone closed the front door hard. 
4. Several homes that we walked through were completed and ready for the buyers to close/move-in.  It was a hot day and the air conditioning was running.  Downstairs temp was OK but upstairs was very warm.  In the upstairs 'bonus room' (above the garage) there was only one, small register.  The register was open but hardly had any air flow.  This was the same in 2 different homes.
5. While driving through the communities, I noticed the vinyl siding was warped/bulging on many of the homes.  Obviously, they didn't cut it properly during installation to compensate for expansion.
6. Inside the garage of a finished home, the concrete floor had wet spots all around the perimeter.  The salesperson said it was due to the new sod being heavily watered.  If true, then I guess the house foundation was wetting-though as well since the entire home was built on a slab.  Sad, the hardwood flooring they had in this house is probably already getting wet.
Salesperson was mainly interested in getting me to sign papers and put down a deposit, and side-stepped most of my questions about specs on construction materials and if/how I could specify anything different.  I asked to see a list of the specs for what building materials would be used and was told there isn't one available, yet they have every finish/interior option broken down into 3 or 4 different pricing 'tiers' along with minute details on the differences.  It was clear to me that Ryan doesn't want folks to know what's behind the walls, as this is how they are able to sell the homes at 'reasonable' prices.

...Speaking of the HOA, I did inquire about it and was scared by what I heard: $1,000 upfront one-time fee, then ~$200/month ongoing.  The scary part for me was the fact that there were a lot of unpaved roads and other amenities.  I could only envision them going undone by the developers, only to have the residents foot the bill via special assessments.  This could (and does) happen in any community, however.

On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 2:56 AM, Greg G <> wrote:

Thanks as well for having this site up. We were interested in buying a larger home and Ryan Homes has ones being built in Elkridge, MD. After reading your web site as well as many many many others it seemed obvious that these folks were/are charlatans. I had just sent an e mail asking for more information on their homes when a small nagging notion said Google Ryan Homes Complaints. After reading all this info I immediately e mailed Ryan homes back and included your link and asked that I be removed from all future e mails. Not only are their building practices questionable but it seems very obvious that their business practices are as well. I like a good fight, but not in or over my own home. Thanks again for saving me years of aggravation and probably my marriage

Greg G.

On Sun, May 1, 2011 at 9:11 AM, Amy *** <***> wrote:

Thank you for having this site up, but wanted to take this opportunity to say that Ryan harms realtors and clients as a normal standard of practice. As those of us in the business know, Ryan is one of the most anti Realtor companies to work with. However, there are times, where clients want to buy new construction and one of their developments are suitable for them. When a realtor has a long term relationship with a buyer they often will get into an Exclusive Buyer Agency relationship. There is a co-op built into all MLS listed property so, when I knew that my buyers would be stopping by a Ryan Property at a time that I was not available, I reminded them to tell Ryan that they were working with me, and to sign me in. We had signed into several other communities when we were together. They did this. And to all of our amazement, Ryan said indeed all of this was true, however because I did not accompany my buyers that Ryan was not going to offer the coop. Did you know that this means that the buyers will have to pay my coop? Yes, they did know that and no, it was not their job to tell the buyers of this. So, the buyers were told this and to my knowledge did not buy the property. And guess who they were angry with? Everyone! 

Happy Hunting!


On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 3:53 PM, <> wrote:

Oh My, I am so thankful to have found your site! Hats off to Google because when I put in Ryan Homes in Virginia your site came up directly underneath so Thank You!!
My partner and I are currently looking to purchase our new home. We were considering a new subdivision they, Ryan Homes, is building. Thank God I found your site, because we would have been suckered in. I am so sorry for those of you that did get taken in and we are unsure what you can actually do, know that we are certainly cheering for your sides...

This might be something for one of our news stations to get a hold of as we have a 12 on your side avenue that just might be the answer to at least get the word out to make homebuyers aware of the deceitful ways that Ryan Homes seems to operate under.

Good Luck and Thanks Again!

On Thu, Apr 7, 2011 at 1:30 AM, <private> wrote:

THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

Hello to you all Im happy for all your posting but sorry for the issues that you are having with this builder and you all made me change my mind about purchasing a home from Ryan homes in VA. For the last few days Ive had a bad feeling about these people and after doing some searching online Ive found a lot of negative comments about this builder. P.S. thanks for ALL OF YOU that took the time to comment about Ryan homes.

On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 10:26 AM, <private> wrote:

Hello, My name is Michael and my wife and I bought a Ryan home in Springboro Ohio in Feb 2008.
Where do we start. When we picked our lot out, we were the 2nd in phase two so we had the pick of the development. As we neared the signing of the contract, the sales lady said we had picked a premium lot. They tried to charge us 3000 more, I told them that our lot was in the middle of the street and that this appeared to be a tactic to line someone's pocket. They backed off and removed the "premium lot fee"

Our construction began in November of 2007. That winter was especially cold and hard. I think we are seeing some ill effects but Ill get to that shortly. The house was completed and ready for close. We moved in and worked on our 30 day checklist. In our area, they only sod front and sides and seed the back. The soil had been removed so much that seeding and watering 3 times and $500 in water bills did nothing. The grading was poor and there was a hump in the back yard that held water. The project manager was a joke and did nothing, same with his boss. They did nothing regarding the poor grading work, so we sodded with a different company and wow, what a difference.

In this $250,000 house, we cover the windows upstairs in the winter with plastic to try and keep out the cold air, there are serious fluctuations in the air temperature. I don't know how Ryan did it, but they defy the theory of warm air rises, cold air descends.. The windows are "Builder grade" and they are terrible, in fact so much that there is sill deterioration on most of the windows.

We had water damage from a leak above the office where the main bathroom shower is. shoddy plumbing work as the seal deteriorated around the drain, causing me to repair it with silicone and replacing drywall. With a stomped ceiling, it was difficult to get it right.
I just had our roof inspected for wind damage and we have a significant leak from missing shingles, two locations on the roof where shingles are missing. The leak has damaged the roof, sitting room wall and garage ceiling. As the roof was inspected, the guy took pictures and showed me nails through shingles with silicone gel over them, incorrect layout of the shingles on the top of the house, there are depressions in the morning room roof, so that tells me that this damage was due to improper installation of my roof. I am working with Ryan on that now, but I want a new roof done correctly. I await their response of, out of warranty after 1 year.

Ryan Homes is a rip off for what you pay for. They use the lowest bidder, shoddiest of workers I have ever seen. The project managers would stand a chance in a real workforce. I wonder if there has ever been any lawsuit success against Ryan because I feel they have violated the law via the contract. I have not spoke to an attorney yet but seriously considering it.
Frustrated in Ohio

On Sat, Mar 12, 2011 at 1:10 PM, <private> wrote:

Thought I'd share my Ryan Home story...or at least part of it...
Well, it's the weekend again.  And that means I have to fix something else wrong with my Ryan home.  This home in Liberty Township, the Falling Waters Estates subdivision was built in 2006, and is less than 5 years old.  I could probably write a book with all the issues I've had, but I'll list a few highlights.
This weekend, I'm having to fix 3 faucets that won't stop dripping.  Yes, they are Delta faucets, but the rubber seals are all disintegrating.  I've replaced two faucets already, and the seals on 2 others.  This weekend, I have 3 more seals to fix.  I would think these would last longer than 4 1/2 years...
My first winter in the home was great.  The master bathroom is over our garage.  I stuck a thermometer in there and the lowest temperature I recorded was 33 degrees in the shower.  Guess what Ryan homes didn't do...they didn't insulate the walls OR the ceiling in my bathroom...only the floor.  It's a miracle my pipes didn't freeze.
I have 3 doors that are hung so that they won't stay open, and one that will open itself if not latched.  I've had to add screw into each bracket for the doors because they didn't use 6 screws in any of them.  The doors are the cheapest out there.  They had to trim one to "fit" into a crooked doorframe.  That door had a hole on the bottom where they "trimmed" it.
Each room in my house is a different temperature, sometimes the discrepancy in the heat of summer and the cold of winter is 25 degrees or more.  Yes, 25 degrees.  That's what happens when there are no cold/warm air returns in any of the rooms in the house.  You see, Ryan homes told me that they weren't required because they hung all the doors an extra 1/2" off the floor to provide for circulation.  I have one return for each system, each centrally located on each floor.
I know that nail pops occur, and in the 12 month inspection, Ryan came back to fix them...all 143 of them.  Since then, I've repaired over 100 myself.  By the way, Ryan homes does not repaint where they "fix" the nail pops...they just pull the nail and fix the holes.
All three of my original outside doors had "breaks" in the seal around them.  On one of them...this way done to enable the door to fully close.  I had a buddy come in and explain to me everything that was wrong with these three doors.  The best part was that he told me that strangely, the fourth exterior door to the screened in porch was all done properly.  Yes, you guessed it, I installed that door myself.
I have built a screened in porch and a very large shed in my backyard.  They both match the required by the HOA.  Well, we've had 3 HUGE windstorms in the past 2 years, and I've lost shingles and siding on my house...but nothing on the structures I built...not even the shed which is completely out in the open all by itself. 
Ryan Homes is a joke.  I've pulled back the trim on every outside window and caulked them all, I had to.  They're idea of sealing the windows was to stuff insulation over the edges.  I took a lit candle and put it up against every window (on the inside), and for each window, the flame was blown out.  I've got cracks in the ceilings of 3 bedrooms, my kitchen and the family room.  How can Ryan Homes get away with this.
I spend $389,000 for my house, and got a piece of crap that IMO isn't even worth $250,000.  I feel sorry for the person that ends up buying this house from me...because, when I can afford to leave, I'm out of here.  This was supposed to be my dream house, but it's been a nightmare instead...

On Tue, Mar 10, 2011 at 11:58 PM, <Private> wrote:

Hi there,

I just came across your website and thought I might share our own community experiences with Ryan Homes. Lots for our community, Little River Commons, in Chantilly, VA were sold pre-construction back in 2008 with advertisements of amenities that were never provided. When we saw in the ads online that a pool and clubhouse were listed as amenities we felt pretty secure about them. Moreover, our closing agent discussed them as if they were sure things, with no hint that there was any reason for uncertainty or that the deal hadn't been formally done. They were simply part of the package.

Well, it turns out (only discovered after contacting our HOA) that the land where they were going to build the pool had not been officially purchased by Ryan Homes/NVR Inc. At some point (not clear if before or some time after they made their promises to us), Ryan Homes wanted to adjust their offer to the landowner based on reduced market-based prices. The owner was in no rush to sell, so he dismissed the deal. Up until sometime in 2010, Ryan Homes kept promising the deal would eventually go through, only 'next summer'.

Eventually we received a memo in the mail saying, they never made any promises, and advertisements for the few remaining new homes suddenly made no mention of the pool. Fast forward to Feb 2011, and the land has been purchased by another real estate company. There will be a pool and clubhouse, but they won't be ours. Ryan Homes is being very distant and ambivalent about whether we'll have access, and there's no reason to believe as such.

But there's more...We bought an end unit which the closer praised since, as shown in the blue prints, was adjacent to a pond and had woods directly behind it. We were told over and over again that, no matter what happened to those woods, one of the great things about our lot was that they were guaranteeing we would maintain a 50 foot buffer of woods right behind us. We were sold. As for the pond, we were curious after moving in why there never seemed to be anything but standing puddles of water in it.

A few emails to our HOA and we find out that it was never supposed to be a true pond but that technically a pond without water is still a pond...called a 'dry pond'. We all know of a dry pond as the more common term 'hole'. Perhaps this lie hurt the worst because there was willful deception involved. They had to know this all along, but the blueprint and advertisements still called it a pond, leaving out the dry part.

And I woke up this morning to the sounds of machines clearing away our 50 foot buffer. The last amenity we thought they might keep their word on since it was already there (i.e. didn't require any actual effort on the part of Ryan Homes). I am guessing these woods, where the pool was supposed to go some distance away, are now owned by the other developer, and they have no plans to make good on another company's lies.

I understand markets, but note that it was Ryan Homes that changed the negotiations, not the land owner. Ryan Homes could have said "A promise is a promise" and paid above market rather than putting the cost on the homeowners that trusted in them with a life's worth of their money. But I had my suspicions once I learned the pond wasn't ever going to fill up that Ryan Homes simply has no concern for their customers. I've had bad customer service before, but this is to the point where you feel like they are purposely hurting you for the sake of being malicious.

I am saddened to hear of the similar situation that occurred in Delaware as our community has been considering litigation for some time. My understanding now is that our contract states that amenities are not to be considered in the price paid for the house. Well then they shouldn't be allowed legally to advertise them. What other purpose does advertising amenities serve but to entice the potential customer? How much would our houses have sold for if they never mentioned the amenities? I'm guessing close to what they're worth now, which is much much less. This is simply a huge logical misstep, and so it seems like there is a level of unreasonableness on the part of the contract requirement that needs to be addressed now and for the future.

I have never felt so scammed, and I'm sure you know how much pain and anger abuse like this can cause.

For the above reasons, I and the other members of the community would appreciate any advice you may have in how to deal with the situation we've been dealt. From your experience, is it worth seeking compensation through a class action lawsuit? I noticed in the Delaware case, the litigation was brought on by the state, how were they able to get the state involved? The problem is we won't be able as a community to gather funding so easily so we're looking for very specific options. Has anyone tried contacting media sources? We've got some ideas, but any help would be appreciated to let Ryan Homes know that lying and ruining the welfare of their customers is no way to do business.

Thanks for any help you can provide,

Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 5:22 PM, <private> wrote:

If I had read this before signing a contract I will not have been a financial hole.  Please do not buy from Ryan Homes.   I decided to terminate a contract prior to breaking the ground for a new home and they will not give  back my earnest money.  I need a good attorney to get my money back.  

Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 7:24 PM  <private> wrote:
I have been in my Ryan Home for a little over two years and my nightmare wasnt about the construction well not until this week when I found....

Now up until now, my nightmare was the deceit Ryan Homes participated.  During my search, I explicitly excluded condominiums in my search.  Ryan Homes was building single family homes.  During the sales process, the sales person mentioned condo fees and each time I asked her to explain, to which I was informed it was just a formality because the first sections in the complex where condos.  I went through the process, the house was built and it was time to sign the papers.  The papers are obviously littered with mentions of condominium and shared access, when I asked the NVR representative I was told they were not authorized to discuss the usage. 

Of course I didnt realize the title company was the same as the builder NVR/Ryan Homes.  Moved in and didnt think about it again.  Four months later at a homeowners (now called Unit owners) meeting it was confirmed that I did in fact build a free standing condominium.  All of the homes in this small sections are, and all of the owners have the same story about the fact that Ryan Homes misrepresented the zoning of the structure and land.  I was then told Ryan Homes had actually threatened one unit owner when they questioned the terms of the sale.  A few of the owners had Masters degrees and such so while I am just a dumb consumer (which of course was Ryans response). 

I wrote to the Ohio Attorney General, to which Ryan responded with scanned images of the purchase contract showing all of the places I signed, all of the places where the NVR representative said they were not authorized to discuss.  The local sales manager called me to discuss the situation.  His explanation was that the sales person had been warned about not trivializing the term of condominiums.  He went on to say that the units were zoned to be priced based on the area, that they couldnt sell them at that price if they were homes, to which I said then I wouldve taken my money elsewhere no hard feelings.
In the meantime Ryan pulled out of this development, the roads have never been finished as there are several unsold lots and now the developer is building lower priced condominiums.  Even in a good housing market I couldnt sell this house and that alone caused me to lose a job.

On Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 3:49 PM, (private) wrote:

On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 8:38 AM (private) wrote:
Great site -- if only I'd read all of this before buying a (relatively new) Ryan townhome in Alexandria, Virginia, I might have saved myself a great deal of money and heartache! Below are just a few of the issues I've had with my Ryan home.
1 - The Wobbly Deck!
During our inspection of the house just after we'd entered into our purchase contract, the inspector stepped out onto the second-floor deck and said, "Whoa! This is bad!" With just the slightest movement, the entire deck would sway from side to side by several inches. It felt so unsafe that neither my wife nor I was comfortable setting foot in it. We brought in an independent deck builder, who immediately diagnosed the problem: The deck was improperly attached to the house, and a stabilizing beam that ran diagonally had been installed running in the wrong direction, rendering it useless. In short, the deck wasn't up to code and was a danger to life and limb. The deck installer commented that the only way this thing could have passed the county's inspection must have been that the inspector was overloaded and not paying any attention at all! Also, the size of many boards used wasn't up to code. Whoops! I called Ryan Homes' customer service and asked to see evidence of the county's approval of the deck. Ryan's response? Your home is no longer under warranty. (Not what I'd asked...) My further calls went unreturned.
Well, we thought, if that's the biggest problem, we'll be fine. Little did we know...
2 - The Firetrap!
When our A/C unit died the first time (that's another story!), the repairman conducted a routine inspection of the unit's power supply (which is located in the exterior wall of the house) and discovered that wires that had not been properly insulated and had been left OUTSIDE the metal electrical box rather than inside it; what's worse, those wires had been sparking, and the insulation and drywall was scorched and blackened. He told us the house could catch fire at any time and to cut the power immediately and call a licensed electrician. We called one, and when he saw what Ryan had done, he just shook his head in dismay. He informed us that the wiring was a disaster and obviously had been done by someone who had had no idea what they were doing and zero concern for safety. In short, the house could have killed me and my children because Ryan obviously had employed contractors without requisite skills to complete tasks as essential as wiring. Was that the only electrical connection done by the unskilled "electrician" Ryan hired? Is the whole neighborhood a firetrap? We'll see.
3 - Soggy ceilings!
I'll keep this one short. One day we noticed a soggy spot in the ceiling -- after cutting around it, I found that an elbow joint in a PVC water pipe was dripping at a rate of a drop every minute or so, so the leak had spread slowly and caused a fair amount of mold on the hidden portion of the ceiling drywall. Called a plumber, and guess what he said (it's the Ryan Homes Refrain): "Wow, whoever did this pipe didn't know what he was doing!" Greaaaaaat. How many other pipes did that guy do?
4 - Doors that Don't Fit, Crumbling Drywall, Drafty Windows, Cheap Caulk, Nail Pops, Leaky Toilets, Oh My!
I'd love it if just one closet door in the house would close completely. Oh, and if these "nice vinyl windows" and exterior doors didn't leak cold air like crazy (a window installer's comment, "These are 'builder-grade windows,' which basically means they're the cheapest the builder could find" -- and the cherry on top? They're installed badly!). And if the house's settling hasn't caused the drywall to crack and crumble in the corners and nails to pop out of every surface so it looks like my interior walls have acne. And if the exterior caulk wasn't a disaster. And the toilets didn't leak. Well, you get the idea... remember, this house is under 10 years old!
Probably More to Come, Unfortunately!

On Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 3:49 PM, (private) wrote:

I am visiting my son in Fruitland Md who has a Ryan home that is 3 years old and this is why I will never buy Ryan home. The Windows have drafts coming thru them, the walls at the floor board have drafts coming thru them also. they had the Bonus room completed over the garage and it is like an iceberg in the winter and sauna in the summer. This is the room that I stay in the months that I am up here in Maryland. Since I spend months up this way I know what I am talking about. The cheap concrete front porch and sidewalk is peeling away also. Boards creak and give when you walk on them in the living area and dinning area also. For the money that was spent on this home, appliances fall apart, the doors are cheapes ($19.00)from Lowes or Home Depot. I know that because I just replaced 12 doors in my home in South Carolina.

Do you know of any source or anyone that I can talk to to help them out. My son has nineteen years in the Navy and has a year to go and this is to be their permanent home. He is stationed at Wallops Island Va. He has a 2 year old son and another one on the way and they will need the extra room for the baby. Will not be able to use that icy room for a child. They have a twelve girl niece living with them also. Talking with others in the neighbor hood, my son is not the only one with problems. He also has a whole house basement that shoot electricity out when an electric storm is in the area. That is dangerous and a fire hazard. Thanks for listening and letting us get this out also.

Investigator finds Ryan Homes secretly built on dumpsite, buyers never told!

Thank you for your extensive, informative and important site. I didn't see any mention of Manning Village in Accokeek, Maryland.  Ryan Homes built Manning Village on a 61-acre landfill containing methane and other gases. Do you know about this development?
Janice England
People Investigating Toxic Sites

From: (Private)
OCT, 2010

I purchased a Ryans Home in York, Pa in the Rosebrook II development in March 2009 with an estimated August 2009 start, with settlement to take place at the end of November 2009. However, they started building in May of 2009 and we settled the end of July 2009. Out of 78 homes there are only 2 houses called the Sienna. My neighbor across the street and I have that model. First of all our home went up in just a little over 2 months, while the other homes were averaging 3 to 3 months. I was at the house every day since we only lived 5 miles away from our new home site. I took pictures of every phase of construction. I know where every electric wire, plumbing, and HVAC duct work is placed. We have had several issues with our home so far. 

        Since we moved in at the very end of July 2009 we immediately started using the A/C. The first thing we noticed was that our master bedroom, master bath, and our laundry room was getting very little air. I contacted Ryan Homes and they set up an appointment with Masters HVAC. They came out several weeks later and added  more Freon in the system and supposedly rebalanced the system, although we noticed no difference. We then had our project manager come out and he agreed that there was a problem with those rooms. So out came Masters again and they cut a 12 x 12 hole in the drywall and put in a scoop to try and catch some air flow coming off the furnace which did not work. The next step was they came out and conducted an air flow study, which showed there was a major problem getting air/heat to those rooms. Then they tried turning up the fan speed on the furnace and they put in another return in the finished lower level and added an additional vent. Came out and did another air flow test and it still was not up to par. The next step required them to remove a section of drywall in the living room and installed a larger duct which improved the problem, but did not solve it. Our latest PM admitted there was a design flaw with the duct work coming off the furnace. At this point I told them I was fed up with it. I was able to make some adjustments and had to purchase a portable A/C unit that we use in the Master Bedroom which has worked out well, but this should not have been the answer.

       About 3 months after moving, in October 2009 we developed loose flooring under the carpet and had to have numerous sections of the carpet pulled up and have the floor fixed. Our hardwood floor in our foyer is now becoming loose and all of the floors squeak as if we were living in an old home. 

       After about 1 month of moving in we noticed that the paint on the fireplace, interior doors, trim and the window sills was still tacky. The project manager came out and then had his painters come back in and repaint. Well over a year later and we still have the problem. Everything that is placed on the fireplace mantel sticks to it. Finally, several weeks ago I sanded down the mantel and some of the other areas to the bare wood and repainted it. I contacted the paint distributor and he told me that he felt that the paint was not mixed with the hardening agent.

       Now 2 weeks ago, end of September 2010 they came in to complete the 1 year drywall repairs. They did such an awful job that I contacted Ryan Homes and demanded a project manager to come look at the repairs. He came a week later along with the owner of the drywall repair company call Cleansweep out of Maryland. They both agreed that there were major flaws and we scheduled for them to come back today, and again they did a horrible job. I am going to have to hire a professional drywall finisher to come in and make it right.
        I would never recommend a Ryan Homes to anyone. There only concern is keeping costs to a minimum. They want to get you into the house and then you are on your own. They come in and put band aids over things that need repaired and they are not honest. I've caught them on several occasions not being truthful with me. Its a shame that they dont take pride in the homes they build. If they would just put in a little more effort and do the job right the first time, it was save them time and money in the long run.

From: (Private)
Sept 16, 2010

Hello Ronald! 

First, thank you for providing a forum in which to vent my frustrations.  Our Ryan Home story is not unlike many others.  Happy the first year or two (until the warranty expires) then all hell breaks loose.  Ours is not nearly as devastating as many of the stories on your site, but then again, we have purposely not opened up walls where we know there are likely to be problems (due to budget constraints, we can only tackle one problem at a time).  Today we noticed water marks on the ceiling of our study.  Above the study is a full bath that virtually no one ever uses - it is specifically for guests and we don't get but 5-10 overnight guests a year.  

My husband and I pulled off the ceiling drywall in the study and discovered the leak coming from the toilet in the guest bath.  So, after placing a bucket in the study to catch the drips, we went upstairs and proceeded to yank the toilet.  What we found was disgusting.  The toilet had extender rings that were improperly installed using silicone!  The wax ring (that was poorly installed) was covered in feces.  The mud for the tiles around the toilet was sopping wet. The floor in the guest bath where the toilet was is now totally destroyed and will need replaced.  There is mold and mildew on the drywall that we removed from the ceiling - and that's nothing compared to the smell and damage caused by the leaking of raw sewage.  I can't fathom how a plumber who can't even install a toilet properly can hold a valid license.  It's a sad day when the average Joe could have done a better job than the pros - but as we have pulled the house apart piece by piece, I am finding out that the pros are really 'cons'.  

Seeing as how I am writing this e-mail on the same day we located the leak, my experience with Ryan Homes regarding this matter is limited at best.  The PM on the job basically said since it's been 3.5 years and the warranty on plumbing is 2 years, this issue is not his problem.  I have also heard from a Ryan rep that these issues are 'uncommon' and that they are 'sorry this happened'. Nice - Total lack of responsibility and as far as I've researched, we will have no assistance from Ryan Homes in fixing this problem.  Good thing my husband and I are DIYers - we'll probably end up fixing it ourselves - and it will be done right!  

Is there any type of class action that can be filed?  After reading your story and many others like it, and now experiencing our own problems, it bothers me that they can continue to dupe home buyers into thinking they build a 'quality' product - 'quality' for a blind monkey, maybe.  Unfortunately, after watching every Holmes on Homes known to man, I am pretty certain that they can continue to built a faulty product and get away with it with no legal repercussion.  Perhaps it's time to take this to our Congressmen and women.   The only way to fix the problem is to create laws that protect home owners from companies like Ryan Homes.  Have you thought about pursuing a legislative option?  If so, have you gotten anywhere?  
Here's hoping we can change the world!



From: (Private)

Sept 9, 2010

I just wanted to write a quick thank you. My husband and I were considering a
Ryan Home purchase in the Shenango Woods community in Western PA. You saved us
a lot of grief early in the home search process. We currently live in a DR
Horton home in Fife, WA. Our experience with DR Horton hasn't been great, but
it is certainly better than what the homeowners here have been forced to go

Thanks again,




Aug 30 2010

I too read many of these comments before I entered into contracts with ryan homes in order to try to derail any problems before they occurred.  However, a huge problem that is well known with this home builder is the essential "you are nothing" the day after you take ownership.  My wife and I oversaw almost every single procedure done on our home.  Fortunately we were renting a home 1.2 miles away from where ours was built so we could be here on site every day multiple times.  Believe me, we were the biggest PIA's because I halted activity on two occasions, had management and head supers on site several times to fix an obvious error before it become unfixable.  still, when the project was "completed" we like everyone else had a list of items that needed to be addressed:

1. our porch has an overhang pseudo gate above the main door for aesthetic purposes.  This is part of the Level "C" elevation upgrade that cost: $24,000 total.  There are about 50 homes in our neighborhood and about 6 of them have this elevation.  Mine however has the front part of the gate but not the sides that mount into the actual house wall in order for the gate not to fall off.  When I pointed this out on the day of final walk through I was told that that is the way the gate is supposed to go - that it is a different type of gate.  BS... I walked the supervisor down about 6 houses and showed them the exact same gate.  He then said he'd look into it and told me about 40 minutes later that the other pieces had not arrived yet.  Day: 33 and I am told the pieces do not fit (not enough room b/c they mounted the gate to far back b/c they are idiots and can not follow a blue print).  I told them it will be the way it is displayed on my blue prints and the sales brochure or I want reimbursed for my elevation.  So far there have been crickets on the other end of the phone line when I call...

2.  someone defecated in my $1500 Jacuzzi master bath tub during the build.  It was early in the build (a few days after the tub was put in).  Instead of replacing it they assured us they would have it sanitized.  I had to take their word for it because I never saw any sanitization being performed.  So my wife and I went over once the plumbing was completed (about 5 weeks later) and we sanitized the tub.  Luckily, the turd had been removed by then.  The first night we moved in, my wife and I took a Jacuzzi bath and went to bed.  In the morning we went downstairs to find that our mud room directly below the master bath had flooded and the hardwood (we put $27,000 worth of custom - not there crappy selections) in the mud room and entry to the kitchen was ruined and warped.  I had the super over there first thing that morning.  They removed the motor from the tub and said that the motor was bad and they would replace it and the hard wood.  33 days and I still have warped hard wood and I do not have a tub in my master bath.  I get all kinds of excuses...

3.  The first night the house A/C unit was turned on we noticed one of the windows in the formal living room was fogging up.  This was about 4 weeks from the close date.  It means that the window seal b/w the two panes of glass is defunct.  We showed the supervisor.  he assured me he would have a new window in before closing.  33 days and the window is still there.   I spoke to the super before I typed this today and he assured me the window was in his trailer and he will get it replaced ASAP... uh huh, and tell me when Elvis shows up!

4.  some of the stone from our $7500 stone fireplace in the family room comes right out of the wall...

5.  our bath tub downstairs in the finished basement was never caulked.  on final walk through we were to make marks with blue painters tape to show areas of need:  33 days now and the blue tape is still there but no caulk.

6.  we finally got a mailbox!  day 25!  The super said "oops, my bad..."

7.  we didn't have phone line or cable or internet b/c someone cut the line to the house during the build.  We finally have access on day 26.

8.  nails and pop ups I can fix and live with - new homes settle.  I don't list them here because I am realistic with what should be fixed and what does not need to be perfect.

The sad thing is that I am active duty military and I had to go across country 2 days after closing and leave my wife with our 4 children (ages 6 and 2 1/2 yr old triplets) behind for the next 6 - 8 months.  So basically I am gone and it is up to her to get crap done in all her free time.  I call and complain and I am fed a line but in the end... once you sign and move in they are off to the next victim.  They even have you sign a survey of satisfaction at move in (b/c that's when the homeowner is most excited).  However, they will not accept anything less than 10's.  Well I would not give them tens b/c I had areas that still needed to be finished.  But I am not kidding you... they would not leave my house until I rated them all 10's.  So I wrote a note and stated that with the exception of the areas that still need to be finished or addressed the rest of the areas are 10.  They finally left.

J & M A... Adamstown Commons, Adamstown MD 21710
Moved in July 2010 

July 11, 2010


I'm moving to Charlottesville this month and I'm glad I came across your site.  I was looking at the Ryan Homes development on 29N.  I've had experience with them in Beavercreek Ohio where they built mediocre quality houses.  In fact, the siding on most of the houses was warped within the first 2 years after construction.
It's difficult for a large corporation to maintain quality across all business units, so I figured the division building in Ohio was just a "bad apple".  However, after reading your website, it's apparent that Ryan is more concerned with profit than quality.  I will steer clear of them when looking for a home in Charlottesville.


From: private

Thu, Jul 8, 2010


I'm so glad I came across this website.  Ryan Homes are the worst homebuilders
in the world!  My husband and I purchased a home in DE in 2007 and were promised
all sorts of things by the Sales Manager.  On our walk thru of the finished
product we were very upset.  They promised to put the hook ups for ceiling fans
which were not there, they put the attic entry in one of the bedrooms, they put
the thermostat for the AC/Heating in the master bedroom which is over the garage
and the hottest room in the house, and the lighting in the kitchen was not what
they said it would be. The light switch in our bedroom doesn't even work!  So
far we have the flooring people out twice, we've had 3 leaks in the roofing, the
siding is coming down and NOW our AC unit is not working.  It was 95 degrees in
my home last night with the air unit on.  When I called the service the
contractor wants to charge me $80 just to come out and look at the unit.  I
called Ryan customer service and they said there was only a 2 year service
warranty, but the parts on the unit are still under warranty.  This is
outrageous!  A brand new home and the AC just stops working!  I honestly don't
think the home is insulated properly and the air vents don't really blow out
air.  I had a winter heating bill that was $800 for one month! 

I am so unhappy with the purchase I made and it should be against the law for
homebuilders to do this to people. 

K.W. Delaware

From: Private
Sent: Monday, May 17, 2010 1:23 AM
Subject: Please publish my story...which extends to NVR and even the workers



My name is Chad and my wife and I entered into a contract to purchase a Ryan Home in December 2008.  We entered into a contract on a single-car Aldersgate townhouse in Charlottesville, VA.  The community is called The Pavilions at Pantops. 

The saleperson, Andy Macasek, called me in February 2009 to tell me that enough units were under contract to start constructing our building.  However, he said that there was a small glitch.....the home was originally supposed to be slab on slab with a 40 foot long backyard that was level.  It was going to have a walk out basement and this was nice for a townhome.  However, Andy informed me that the first floor of the home would be entirely in the ground and that Ryan Homes would not be excavating the backyard.  I was stunned as this meant that, not only would part of my house now be in ground, but a 100 foot high hill would be running straight down towards my property.  Andy informed me that this was done because Albemarle County, VA. has forced them to redo the site plan.

I was a fool for signing a contract with Ryan Homes but Andy was a fool for thinking that I would take his answer at face value.  I work for a local apartment developer and I called some folks that I knew in the planning department.  They told me that the house had ALWAYS been submitted to them as having the first level in the ground with the huge hill close to the back of the house. 

I called Andy out on his lie and I hired an attorney to see about getting back my $8,000 deposit.  I escalated my complaint to the regional VP and, after intense negotiations, they agreed to let me switch lots with a $7,900 "credit" towards the new house.  I was a sucker for thinking that I could trust these liars a second time but my wife and I caved because we really liked the location and it has excellent schools.

I checked with the planning folks and they stated that the layout was as Ryan claimed for the second site.  Great, I thought, here we go!  Naturally, it rained quite a bit during the construction process but my wife and I were looking to close in July 2009 with a loan lock in sometime in May 2009.  We had waited a long time to get under roof and Andy and the construction second in command Nate promised that we would be finished first and that we could lock in first at our pre-construction meeting.  Nate was a kid (younger than me as I was 31 at the time) and he said that he would pass along to Brandon, the first in command construction fellow, the message that our house was first.

Word to the wise....never meet with anyone OTHER THAN your project manager at these meetings.  I happened to be checking out the house from the outside and ran into another guy who's townhome was being constructed in my row of six.  He was excited and informed me that he was able to lock in his interest rate at 4.5%!  I was stunned.....I didn't understand how NVR could let him lock in and I was supposed to be the first home finished.

I called Brandon and he said that NVR should never have allowed the guy to lock because he did not OK it.  Furthermore, Brandon was not told that we needed to finish first.  English is not the first language of our neighbor and he simply received a letter informing him that he would be able to lock 60 days before the predicted settlement date.  He thought that it actually meant that he COULD lock in right away.  The infamous Jennifer Kim, who is a criminal of the highest order at NVR mortgage, let our neighbor lock in without Brandon's OK.  We still did not have the OK to lock in and, magically, there was a spike in interest rates and points.  I demanded satisfaction as we should have received the 4.5% rate but NVR and Ryan refused to budge.

I must comment on the workmen and I understand that this is not a political site.  However, I most profess that many of the workmen do not speak English and I have observed them drinking on the job and even urinating in houses that were being built around me (wonder if they did it in mine).  Ryan hired this cheap ass subcontractor called J.C. Chavez Brothers to do the framing and they were terrible.  I guarantee you that half of the workers are not even here legally and I wonder how many of them are felons based upon their demeanor.  Those fools could not attach flashing to the house, the stairs are giving way in both the upstairs and the downstairs, and they have had to cut holes in my basement ceiling (twice) so that they can reinforce my kitchen floor with two by fours as it is giving way in about five places.  You can feel the floor flex under your feet.  Furthermore, the same issue is in both the living room and in the morning room.

I want to top off my dreadful experience with these fools by stating that they are building some townhomes on the other side of my street.  The Chavez Brothers decided to yell catcalls, cuss words, and sexually suggestive terms at my wife as she was coming home from work just this Friday.  The work gang by J.C. Chavez has essentially demeaned my wife and sexually harassed her just for going into our house.  My wife was so horrified that she wouldn't even walk the dog until they left (they are also working across the way in our backyard).  The sales guy called us back on Sunday (ugh, Andy again) and he didn't really express and outrage at all just, saying that he was "sorry" that we were having issues.  Newsflash!  Your construction people sexually harassed my wife, who was sexually assaulted in high school (her attacker is thankfully in jail) and you are just "sorry"?  I will let you know where this goes as the new project manager is supposed to contact me on Monday, May 18th.

DO NOT buy from these people.  They are low class and they have turned my home into a prison that I cannot leave that has floors that cannot support the sorrow that they have weighed upon my wife and I.

Thank you for reading and please let me know what you think.

Warmest regards,

From: private
Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2010 10:42 PM
Subject: contact us


I just found your website tonight.  What a hoot!  I feel so sorry for all those people who were suckered by RYAN!  We fell prey to them when we moved to Richmond, VA a little over 20 years ago.  We were so excited to get our first NEW house, built just for us.  As with many of the other people who sent in their comments, we had trouble almost from the beginning.  The models have all the best stuff in them, but what the customer gets is junk.  There are so many things I could mention here that it would not fit on your website. 

The roof -- same problem as others ... no REAL flashing.  What was used, we found out after the roof had leaked into the attic and then finally on one of the upstairs bedroom ceilings, was gutter material.  The main stairs from 1st to 2nd floor had NO support under them ... just boards nailed to flimsy step cutouts.  After about 5 years, we had to rebuild them from underneath. 

The basement stairs were of better quality!  It almost looked like the builder got them reversed.  The carpet and padding, and the vinyl flooring were the cheapest ... even after a mid-grade upgrade.  The ONE electrical outlet in the garage got covered over with drywall and they had to come back and find it.  One of the worst things was the windows.  The model had ANDERSEN windows and we were told that all the houses would be switching over to ANDERSEN.  We got them in the basement ... the rest of the house (unless you paid for an expensive upgrade) had some brand named Rollyson.  That was a company in Southpoint, Ohio that went out of business about 10 years after our house was built. 

The counter balances had a bad habit of breaking ... and often times it was in the middle of the night.  Imagine being awakened from a sound sleep by the sound of a brick coming through your bedroom window! That's what it sounded like.  We replaced the counter balances in about 1/2 dozen of the windows ... after the customer service manager refused to do anything about them. They blamed the window company, the window company blamed the installers.  Rollyson Windows probably went out of business about the time that RYAN was run out of Ohio ... as one other post mentioned. 

BUT ... the absolute scariest thing about that house was the original crew that started the framing.  We didn't find out that we got the "second string" crew until after the roof over the front "porch" fell off!  One of the framers was sent to the hospital when it landed on his head.  The construction supervisor checked it out and found that the roof was held on by only 3 ... yes, THREE ... nails.  We found out after that happened that several of the guys on that crew ended up in jail for drugs.  We found bags full of beer cans in the back yard.  That accident served one purpose ... it got us the GOOD framing crew.  The list goes on and on.  We finally sold the place and moved out during the height of the housing boom in 2005. 

The two good things I will say about that house ... it had a great basement that was always dry as a desert (the fact that we were up on a hill might have had something to do with that) and it did survive Hurricane Isabel.  I don't know how except that God must have had his arms wrapped around us that night because that hurricane went right over our house and not a tree fell and only one small piece of roofing material blew off. 

It is discouraging that RYAN is still building junk and packaging it as the "great American dream home" and people are still falling for their show.  I warned everyone I knew about the poor quality of the house and the poor customer service, but I know several people who didn't listen and later wished they had.  They were building in Charlotte, NC when we lived there before coming to VA, but we didn't know much about them then.  If only ....

Thanks for listening.  Hope this prevents others from the same nightmare.

From: private
Sent: Monday, April 12, 2010 4:14 AM
Subject: Ryan Homes Complaints


We have had multiple issues with Ryan Homes. It would take a book to list them all here. The major issues is a roof that was not installed correctly. There is no flashing at all. None at the vents or between the siding and the shingles. We have had major leak issues and in 2008 we had to force them to remove drywall that had been visibly wet for over three months. Naturally, there was mold on the drywall, studs and rafters. They sent people who knew nothing on how to properly remediate mold. All they did was caulk a roof vent that they said was not flashed and the only issue.

We had a home inspector and two roofers verify that our roof was not done properly. It is going to cost us at least $6,000 to remove siding and install a new roof with the proper flashing. The Ryan Homes service manager would not come to my house to look at my leaks and told me that I had to prove something is wrong with the roof. I do not want their cheap subcontractors to touch my roof. When our house was being built we noticed no flashing was used after the roof was on and before the siding was installed. We immediately called the site supervisor and he told us that flashing isn't needed. We told him that it needed to be on. Obviously, true to Ryan Homes, they lied to us and never flashed.

 I am filing a complaint with the PA State Attorney General and hope to spread the word to other Ryan Homes homeowners in PA, that they need to file also. I am hoping that the PA State Attorney General will do something about their unethical building practices.

Everyone who has issues with Ryan Homes needs to contact their State Attorney General. The BBB is useless in these cases.  The PA State Attorney General has a website where you can submit your complaint online. If you are not in Pennsylvania, then please contact your State Attorney General. This is the only way we can stop them from harming anyone else and possibly recovering some of our losses.

Pam G.

From: private
Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 11:10 AM
Subject: contact us

I am currently facing many of the same issues as those mentioned on your site.  Poor craftsmanship, or lack thereof, and even worse customer service to repair damages.  I just got off of the phone today because I had THREE leaks with the most recent rain storm and was told that I am past my one year warranty so there is nothing they can do.  I said that I lived in my previous home for 6 yrs and never had a problem and the CS rep laughed and said that is not their problem and that I need to have the roof checked EVERY YEAR and make sure it is sealed properly.  This is ABSURD!  If it was built properly you would never have to check the roof every year. 

One of the leaks just happens to be from the same vent that I had a problem with 11 months into the home and they claimed they fixed it with caulk as usual and that it probably cracked.  This is one of 4 major problems I have had with the home including nothing holding the soffits onto the front of my home, flooded basements of five homes in a row on my street (many multiple times)  and uneven floor joists that are buckling throughout the home.  It has been a real pleasure dealing with Ryan Homes.  They should be forced to stop building homes immediately!


B G Inc


From: Private
Sent: Thursday, March 18, 2010 3:01 AM
Subject: Same Problems

We are having the same problems with a new Ryan Home development in Columbia, Md.  Nothing is being done.  Here is the link to the video of our issues:

What should our next step be?  It seems nothing every gets done since Ryan is in bed with Congress.

From: private
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2010 7:48 PM
Subject: contact us

We built a Ryan home in Nov 2009. We had 4 water leaks 2 were so bad
they ripped our ceiling apart twice.. Our tubs were cracked and only 1
was able to be replaced..only by ripping our walls out to get it
in..we had our hardwood floors damaged, cabinets broke, walls name it, it's happened to us..When they try to repair,
they make it worse and usually end up ruining it. My 4 yr old is
traumatized to the point she cries that she wants her old house back.
I am disgusted at the gross negligence of Ryan homes. BUYER BEWARE!

From :private
Jan 31,2010
Mount Holly, NC

My husband and I built an high-end home with Ryan two years ago. It was an absolute nightmare. They started building without having EVER walked the lot with us and removed all trees--despite our specific request to leave as many trees as possible. Our stone fireplace mantel shelf is broken in three parts. They put the cement between the broken parts and told us that was the way it was supposed to look. There is no hardwood floor under the kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are standing on the naked concrete floor--despite the fact that we paid a lot of money for the floors. We only noticed it because we insisted that they replaced a damaged cabinet. Everything possible is hot clued inside and outside. We started sandpapering all doors and frames and repainting them because of the messy job. The sales person didn't know the correct measurements of our house and calculated the deck dimensions incorrectly. We ended up with a deck much smaller than we had requested. Their floor planes are nice. However, they do an incredibly poor and cheap job even in their high-end market. Our plan was to live in this house for a long time. We put it on the market some time ago as we are just tired of fixing everything.
Just wanted to share this with you. Hopefully consumers read these emails and take them into their consideration when deciding for a home builder.
Kind regards,
G K,
Mount Holly, NC

31, Jan 2009
Glen Allen, VA


I came across your website after my parents called me about their recent issues with their Ryan home. I wanted to see if other people had the same problems we had and what we could do to fix them.  My parents closed on their home in the summer of 1998.  They have had various burst pipes, especially when the temp drops considerably.  The other night the pipes that led up to the master bath froze.  They started to leak a few years back, but they had a handyman put some insulation around the pipe to keep it from freezing.  The damage it caused was pretty bad.  The leak actually seeped down to the dining room in the first floor. I don't know what the actual damage to the house was, but it definitely needs to be checked again.  I called Ryan homes for the West End and was told that pipes were not covered under warranty and neither did damage to our walls, even if there was to damage the structure of the house.  I don't know if this is true.. but the advice I got was to leave our water faucet running when the temperature drops.  I am not a confrontational person, but I knew there had to be something Ryan homes actually covered.  It didn't seem right. I told the service guy that they should rethink how they build their homes, especially putting pipes so close to the exterior walls.  He told me that the codes they adhere to aren't very strict so they pretty much stick to the minimal requirements. If we lived in NY, they would have stricter codes.  Lovely.

We've also had a recent problem with a pipe leading to the washing machine.  If my parents were not home that night, we would have had a flood in our laundry room and quite possibly our garage. 

After reading all the complaints posted on this site, I am surprised that Ryan homes is still in business.  I will be writing a letter to the BBB in the near future.  If any of my friends and family even considers buying a Ryan home, I will do my best to prevent the purchase.  Once again, thanks for having this website up (knowledge is power!).  I am sorry you had to go through so much just to prevent RH from blocking it. Whatever happened to free speech?? Future home buyers need to go to this site, especially with such a huge investment. 



***(Editors note) I've talked frequently with the particular victim from Park Place at Red Run Mills in Maryland below. This Ryan Homes nightmare story is a truly horrific, worthy of it's own site ( The story includes examples of the often lesser seen despicable customer service Ryan Homes provides for those more difficult problems that come from shoddy construction practices. These are not from simple mistakes but a pattern of deliberate recklessness, carelessness, and shortcuts commonly reported by victims of Ryan Homes. *** 

From: Park Place at Red Run Mills in Owings Mills, MD


I purchased a Matisse condominium / townhouse in Park Place at Red Run Mills in Owings Mills, MD. The home (two levels below another two level condo) became mine in November 2008. From day one I have had problems. I can hear my neighbors through the walls and ceilings. I could have a conversation with someone in the other condo. Ryan Homes has promised to further insulate these walls. This concession did not come easy. It took months of battling. I will let you know if they stay true to their promise.

They have not told me if they can do anything for the ceilings, which I can hear voices through. My ceilings and floors shake when the family above me is active. This came as a surprise to me since I was told that there was a cement slab between the two condos that would inhibit noise and vibrations. After purchasing, I was told that I was misinformed. Nearly ninety percent of my recessed lights failed repeatedly. I had to wait three months before the project manager would send someone to fix the problem.

First, he told me to purchase more bulbs, because I may have had a bad batch. I did this. The lights failed again. The p.m. had me do this two more times. Those bulbs failed too. He then told me to purchase special bulbs (br40 longnecks, as opposed to the br30 bulbs that my home was designed to use). When I refused, he reluctantly and without haste sent an electrician to tighten the connections. Additionally, the drywall does not seem to have been applied by a professional contractor. 

While the above problems are inexcusable, there are problems that are even worse. In March 2009, I discovered water dripping from recessed lights in both of my small bedrooms. I, also, found that a large patch (3 ft. x 6 ft.) of carpeting near the deck door was wet. I called Ryan Homes immediately. They resolved the leaks coming through my lights by repairing mislaid siding.

The p.m. told me the water intrusion at the deck door was a minor issue and that they would get around to fixing it. I thought that they should fix it promptly, because this was a new home and I had new furniture ready to go into the room. I did not say anything, because I did not want to put too much pressure on the p.m.. He had informed me that he had just come back to work after recovering from a serious illness. This was a brand new community and I knew that he must be stressed.

Since, I was led to believe that the issue was minor, I believed that it was alright to let it go until the p.m. had the time to fix it. I still called on a weekly basis to remind him. I informed him that water was coming in regularly. In August, after five months, I could not take it any longer and hired a home inspector. The inspector could tell immediately that the water was coming through the walls and ceilings, and that this was not a minor issue.

Thermal imaging, performed the next day after a heavy rain, proved that the walls and ceilings were wet. Oddly enough, because I have an egg shell/satin finish paint, water staining was not evident. Now that I had an inspection report, Ryan Homes had no choice and had to fix the problems. The deck above mine was not flashed properly, and the framing around my deck door had not been properly attached. 

During the months with water intrusions, I suffered with fevers and a persistent, hacking cough. It became difficult for me to breathe, and I was put on an inhaler. Later, I was prescribed prednisone, as well. Now, I understood why I was so sick. This prolonged water event had allowed mold to proliferate. Mold can make people very ill.

Even after Ryan fixed the deck issues my cough remained, but to a lesser degree. Mold remediation was performed in my home a couple of weeks ago, but more may still be needed. To this day, I still have an area in my chest that does not feel normal. Prior to living in this home, I never had never felt anything like this. I will be getting an MRI soon.  Continued...

From: private
Sent: Saturday, December 26, 2009 12:59 PM
Subject: Ryan Homes Complaints


After a foundation crack they caused (and repaired) in November: the sump pump drained against that wall for almost a year before we got them to run a line off the end of the pipe to somewhere else...

Today is the day after Christmas.

My basement is under a couple inches of water. The line into the basement shower burst. It's indoors, not exposed to weather at all. There was a nail against it. I have pictures.

Ryan homes service numbers get the message "all circuits are busy now". The cell phone numbers I have for the service people all have messages that they are on vacation and don't check their voice mail.

During construction, my basement was under a foot of water, because they didn't run power to the sump pump. I suspect my house is built in a swamp.

Do you have any phone numbers that go to real people? I can't find any.


From: private
Sent: Tuesday, December 15, 2009 9:18 AM
Subject: Ryan Homes Complaints


Mr. Jackson,

I just purchased my property a couple months ago and just recently had an outside contractor come in and filled three pages of items defective or out of code ON THE FIRST FLOOR! He hasn't inspected the second floor yet. My biggest concern is that my I can smell my neighbors smoke through my HVAC and .5 bath. I want out of the home, what are the things I can do to make this happen?



From: private
Sent: Monday, December 14, 2009 10:33 PM
Subject: Ryan Homes is a waste of your money!

About one year ago when I found out that we were moving to Ohio, I started searching for home builders in the area. I came in contact with a Ryan Homes representative. Of course she was super nice. We explained that we would need to wait until our old home sold in order to have enough money to put down on the purchase of a new home and said that we'd stay in touch.
Fast forward to the present...we have the money now for a decent 20% down payment, however, Ryan Homes was going to nickel-and-dime us to death on the home we liked (the Bainbridge).  Here are some examples of the ridiculous stuff they wanted to charge us for: $450 to drywall the garage, $425 for a garage door opener, $125 to rough-in the ice maker line in the kitchen, and $2,200 for a different shade of paint throughout the house.  Pretty soon, the price went up from a base price of $221,490 to over $256k with such standard "options", which was a bit out of our range. 
We then asked if we could go with the Dunkirk plan (a slightly smaller home), which has a starting base price of around $210k.  Not a big difference, but enough to make a change.  Whenever we came up with different ways to keep the cost down, something else went up. For example, the base price magically jumped from $210k to $244k because Ryan Homes had to add a 3rd car garage to build it on the lot we were looking at.  When I asked why they had to add a 3rd car garage (which we didn't need) and why it would cost an extra $34k, the sales lady said that the extra price was because of the size of the lot, which apparently was included in the price of the Bainbridge.  When questioned further about this increase and other "options," she said that is just their policy.
When we returned home, we sent a very nice e-mail to her, stating that we were sorry if we seemed upset and that we have worked hard for a home and we understand that it's Ryan Homes' policy and nothing against her personally. She responded with a *very snotty* e-mail, stating that we obviously didn't understand their policies and that it's not Ryan Homes' fault for all these price increases, but rather it is the local city that is mandating the size of the houses on a given lot (which may be true, but there should still be ways to keep the cost down, like not charging $34k for a garage!!).  She knows how badly we wanted either of these two models, but just kept adding on "options" and was not being flexible at all.
She also got snotty when we said that we did not want to use NVR Mortgage - if you hadn't seen, there are several class-action lawsuits against them.  Ohh well.... we are so glad that with reading this website, and seeing first hand how non-caring their sales reps can be, we have now decided to take our hard earned money and purchase a used home or go with another builder. Good luck to everyone that has had problems, and hopefully they will all be resolved!!
-S. in Ohio

NOV 23, 2009

From Private

I have decided to not build a home with Ryan and have been looking at Charles Ross. Sadly my reason for this comes from my due diligence that is standard procedure for me before making a major purchase. I came across a website that not only shocked but disgusted me. The story with proof that I read on this website was so horrific and damning of your company that I'm tempted to call some of my political connections to have further investigations done. I'm not sure if this sort of thing is standard with your company, but the thought that I may have paid you over half a million cash to build a home with the possibility of this sort of nightmare becoming my reality is something I would never tolerate.
Thank you for spending the time you did with me prior, however in light of this new information, I'll have to wish you well and good bye.

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From: Teresa Boyette <>
To: B W private
Sent: Mon, Nov 9, 2009 4:09 pm
Subject: Follow Up from Ryan Homes - How is your home search coming along

From: private
Sent: Saturday, November 14, 2009 10:53 PM
Subject: contactus

 I just came back from looking on at a Ryan Home in Little River Common in Chantilly, I have an appointment for Monday the 16th of December which I  will be canceling.  Thanks for the information, you save me  a lot of  heartache,  My husband and myself is not rich and spending $450,000 on a house is  a lot for us.

Thanks again.


From: private
Sent: Friday, October 30, 2009 4:45 PM
Subject: Ryan Home Driveway Issues not resolved!

Yes, I read this site before I I'm paying the price!!!!!!

Some things to think about before you build a Ryan Home....yes, they're inexpensive....but as my 85 year old father still says to this day... "You get what you pay for!|" In this case it's true....

I've noticed in their model...They had a "name brand" furnace in their neighbors and myself have "generic" models in our homes....They claim, in order to keep the cost of their homes as low as they are, they purchase from different suppliers to get the best deal...This example was also notice with their toilets and a pedestal sink....In the model they showed Crane brand toilets, they tried to install Mansfield toilets and a pedestal sink in my home, which is a lesser grade product...I refused to take the Mansfield product...they then installed the Crane brand after they gave me a hard time...They'll show you one thing in a model, then give you something else in your home! Watch out!!!.......

Bad ventilation moving the heating and cooling system into various rooms.....Some rooms are hot....some are freezing...especially on the second floor....All of my neighbors complained of this issue.....

When they were building the house, I noticed they will not put anything that is unnecessary into the construction of the house....If it meets "code", that's where they stop...I wanted "Tyvek" house wrap installed on the outside of my home, I was even will to pay extra for the product....They refused to install it stating it wasn't required by code in our area...

Basement leaked, along with half the other Ryan Homes in our section of the development....Stonebridge Creek in Avon, Ohio....the is a development where Ryan Homes moved into when the housing market went South, to offer an inferior product, at a greatly reduced cost compared to the other houses in the neighborhood....If you do build with Ryan Homes, expect to deal with the problems, and a million excuses why you shouldn't be concerned and never have the issues resolved in the long run...

Which leads me to my biggest issue.....My Ryan Home driveway was discolored a blackish gray from an incorrect mixture of calcium when it was poured....a six inch "bubble" resulted at the end of the driveway along with chipping on the surface in various areas about the size of a quarter in about thirty different areas....You could hear and feel the difference in hardness between the correctly poured light colored areas of concrete, and the dark gray areas by scratching a piece of metal along the surface..After having nine various Ryan Managers out....they said they won't replace the driveway....Pick up the Ryan Home Home Owners Booklet, which is a blue booklet....It covers every imaginable situation or problem that may occur to a home , it states they will make repairs at their "discretion" for about 70 percent of the issues that are in the booklet...Which means, they will come up with a million reasons why its not their fault, then, they won't fix the problem....That's how they cover their butt!

You may be tempted by the price, attractive sales reps., and special offers to lure you in.....Do your to Ryan homeowners.....Remember my experience...Then go to plan "B".....Build with some one other than Ryan Homes...

Received from James /From: Maryland
Subject: (worthless 2-10 warranty scam)

Hi my name is James and I recently bought a used Ryan home constructed in 2004 that has 2 very large foundation cracks that I since discovered after buying the home. It's so new that it was unapparent till it got to the rainy season here in Maryland and my basement carpet started flooding. Is there any recourse to this. I contacted NVR and Ryan Homes and they both said its a 1 year foundation warranty and that's it...

Thanks in advance,

From: Private
Location: Maryland
October 6, 2009

I don't like being a victim but when you have worked so hard to afford a modest townhome & spend extra dollars for upgrades and it is a failed lesson in carpentry & project management from day one.  You fight against a company that has no moral fiber. When I moved in, they had put in the wrong color hardwood floors.  They were incapable of installing the appliance upgrades they sold me. To paint a room, you have to fix 20 to 30 nail pops. I've had leaks in basement walls & most rooms have 1 or more major wall slippage that will require redoing the entire corner.  NOW!!! THE ROOF HAS LASTED ONLY 10 YEARS BECAUSE THE SHINGLES WERE INPROPERLY INSTALLED & THE NAIL GUN PRESSURE WAS SET TO  HIGH....  It is just amazing. Like being robbed. I would never buy another Ryan built home & am proud to say that I have stopped dozens of people from buying anything they build.  Thank you for reading my complaint. John.

(John, would you mind including the area your Ryan Homes was built? Ron)

HI Ron,

I live in Damascus, MD 20872. I spoke with the roofers today & they said they have replaced many Ryan Homes roofing jobs. I hate Ryan Homes.


Another soot damaged house by Ryan Homes
From: C. Clark
Sept 28, 2009

I bought a Ryan Homes built townhouse in 2007.  I was unable to close on my Ryan Homes built house in November 2007 because I was deployed to Afghanistan for the fourth time.   The house is a four-story town house.  I own the top two stories and my neighbors have the bottom two stories.  When I moved into my house in January 2008, I noticed on the top floor that there were little dark spots along the edge of wall next to the base boards. Read More/Photo(s)

From: Private
Glen Allen VA
Sept 27,2009

Hello I have lived in my townhome for about 2 and a half years now. I have had problems from Day one of moving in. After spending the first night the person in charge of the construction and inspecting behind the contractors came to fix some items and to check on us. I mentioned to him that we could hear a lot of noise in the home and he stated once we hung drapes and had more furniture it would be less. There was also a long list of items that had to be fixed. Nail pops, uneven bar counter sloping down, floor creeks, New washer and dryer with red dirt all over it and a big dent in the washer, they did replace the washer but the water is never hot as before, severely uneven floor slope in the hall bath upstairs, which I was told that it was within range, but had someone else come out and it was way off the floor was buckling, they came back and shaved it down. Windows leaking, sheathing fixed leaking again, water on floor in basement from leak, fixed leaking again they will not respond to calls. Read More

From: private
Sept 8 2009

I never owned a Ryan Home ,but I worked one week years ago for them, I had to quit, when I lived in Ohio in the 70's Ryan was ran out of town. They have made a come back but the quality hasn't improved. It is selling to new buyers young and dumb. In Va. Ryan built the same putty and paint homes they were ran out of Ohio for, and they have returned to Ohio.......most people don't look behind the drywall so to speak and suffer years later thinking it is part of the home owning dilemma.


From S.L.

August 21, 2009

To: President Ryan Homes/NVR

Mr. Brent Millar

Ryan Homes, Inc.

With high expectation we purchased a new home built by Ryan Homes, Inc. at ***.  We moved in on 12/29/2005.  However, your quality of house upset us very much. My wife Christina often complains the quality of the house, and discrepancies, error s made by your company.

Something unexpected happened yesterday at this home. Yesterday morning, a heavy piece of top wood trim above our entrance door suddenly fell down with big noise. Fortunately it did not hit our parent who is 88 years old when it occurred at that moment. The piece of top wood weighs at least ten pounds and has five feet of length. If it hit on the head of person, it will have terrible consequence.  

It is my understanding that it is not only issue of quality of house construction work, but also the issue of liability and human safety. We must consciously bring your attention to your top level of management in your company.

It is my knowledge that Ryan�s Home is leading home construction market in this region with good or fair customer reputation. However, we are very disappointed for the quality of house based our own experience. It is our opinion that if we consider switching house next time here, we might not choose Ryan Homes again. Also we will not recommend our relatives and friends to purchase house built by Ryan Home next time because of so much unhappiness happened to us in the past sever years.

We invite request you to take look at it and listen to us. And request to send some person to fix such problems to avoid it happen again.

Thanks for your listening to and understanding. Hoping it might represent the spirit of good customer service of Ryan Homes, Inc.

Thanks for your listening to and understanding.



CC: Consumer Report



Sent: Monday, August 10, 2009 2:21 AM
Subject: contact us



I am really shocked to hear what Ryan homes have done to you.   I actually was planning to go look at some of their models tomorrow, but after hearing your troubles with them, I decided to stay clear of them.


Thank you for your warning, I really appreciate it.



I have a registered builder complaint I posted on that I need removed immediately.  My builder has agreed to give us all our money back but will not do so until my complaint is removed from the site.  I have tried deleting the complaint but could not figure out how, I have also deleted my account.  My username was ***** and my name is ******.  The complaint was on ******* and he is having the IP address monitored.  I need this complaint off the site immediately.
Thank You,


(Note from editor on this e-mail) This is an example of why you will never see true statistics on homebuilder defects and problems. I get this regularly via HOBB.ORG's webmaster notification list, though I am not actually a site editor there any more. will delete complaints by request, to aid victims in recovery.

Ryan Homes does in fact force buyers receiving major warranty repairs they had previously been denied, to hide all public derogatory information about the complaint and they can never discuss it with anyone. There are no quantifiable stats on defects or complaints. I am aware of tens of thousands of defectively built Ryan Homes they thought were successfully buried. Problems are actively deliberately omitted from public view whenever possible. In our case Ryan Homes only used legal threats to delete our defect complaints. 

My first home was built by Orleans and that was a good experience.  My second home was built by a small local builder and that was a good experience.  My third home was built by Ryan and that was definitely not a good experience.
I wish I saw this site before purchasing a Ryan Home in Chester County, PA.  I didn't do my homework.  Do yours!  My home has since been sold after more than a year on the market at a substantial loss.  The up side is that don't have to deal with Ryan anymore.  I can always make more money.


I feel sad that I saw this mail/website now and not prior to buying my home with Ryan homes.

I have gone thru similar horrible experience which still haunts me.
I was shown this lot with no premium and advised that the home will have a walk out basement and so on along with model home look. Even though I was skeptical with the home plan fitting the lot as there seemed to be less place for the house and let alone the walk out basement. When we asked the sales representative to map out the plan on the plot...he was very angry and upset that we were not trusting him! Being fairly new to this country I felt bad and agreed to go ahead with the home building and sign the contract. When the job was taken over by the building, they called to inspect the mapped out area for proposed building before they dig the land. TO MY SURPRISE THE WALKOUT BASEMENT DOOR WAS JUST SITTING AT THE EDGE OF THE HILL/RAVINE !!
Luckily one of the realtor came to my help and they replaced the lot but since then I have been having one after the other problems with the home. 
1. I have had total of 3 times change in the concrete drive way ( I had to fight with them to get it taken care of); 
2. My land is still not leveled and I have been filling dirt every season; 
3. The paint they used is not easily available to do the touch ups; 
4. Drywall seems to be poor quality

Well, I have stopped looking at other things as I am tired of it now and hope not to buy home anymore!  

I built my Ryan Home in 2005. Before the first annual inspection, I noticed a leak in my basement. Shortly thereafter, I started having plumbing issues. My windows in the great room had so much wind/air coming through them in the winter months I have to relocate my sofa to the opposite side of the room to avoid the drafts. The windows in the morning room don�t roll properly so I can�t open two of them on the opposite sides. The bay window in my living room glass shattered last year. The dishwasher starting making a loud clanking noise last year, so I stopped using it. In July �08, my microwave oven stopped working all of a sudden, a couple of days later it worked as if nothing had occurred. The hot water tank doesn�t get scalding hot, at 120 degrees, the water is lukewarm. July �09, my oven and stove stopped heating.

The only responsibility Ryan Homes took was for the leak in the basement. All other issues they said were out of warranty and I should contact the supplier/vendor. The supplier/vendor responded the same, it�s out of warranty. Ryan Homes does not use good construction or appliances.  The cost to fix/replace these mishaps is approximately $5,000. I purchased a new home to avoid these types of costly repairs.


Charlene W.

Re: Thanks


Thanks for putting up the site! I hope all your home problems have been resolved. I've opted not to gamble with my family's future home and stayed away from Ryan Homes. I decided to go with a home built by a local reputable builder.


Subject: Model Homes-fact or fiction?

Word of warning. When you look at a model home by Ryan Homes, ask if there have been any recent "structural changes" that would make any of the rooms appear differently then it is in the model home. We signed a contract in January 2009 and are closing in June and recently discovered (while the house was being built) that they were using smaller windows with less glass in the changed version than what is in the model homes. We added the solarium, sunroom and morning rooms because of the beautiful look of the windows and the sun it lets in, only to find out (as it was being built) that they are now using smaller windows without the added panes above. We were sent to a model home at a nearby community to view the model we chose, but it is different from what we actually got.

We added, at great expense, the solarium option (by definition a glass room) with beautiful almost ceiling to floor windows, and instead, got an oversized sunroom with smaller windows. Apparently section 1b of their Virginia Purchase Agreement states "they make no representation with respect to option, etc. unless otherwise expressly provide herein". This means, according to them, that they can portray that you will receive the rooms and structure for the plan you choose by showing you the chosen plan model home or allowing you to view the plan on their website for that model, but unless you know enough to also view the 60-80 page blueprint to look for changes they made, you basically get what they decide to give you. We added an almost 29K option of the solarium and received what amounted to a large glorified sunroom, which, by the way, was only $10,800. 



In a message dated 5/26/2009 4:44:22 P.M.
Thank you very much for your response. My husband and I are now reconsidering doing business with this company. I pray that homeowners like yourself who have been wronged will receive some type of compensation for what has been done to you all. Thank you for your site.


My name is Dianna *****, and I purchased a townhome from Ryan in PA and settled on Sept 15th 2008. I have had all the same nightmares, bowed walls, bad drywall, leaking roof, looking overflow drain- causing damage all the down my walls and ceilings, improper plumbing installations, etc,etc,etc.
I am interested in joining lawsuit. Please contact me ASAP!!!!!

Contact info removed: available by request. Please write to comments

Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2009 4:08 PM
Subject: contact us

My husband and I recently signed a contract to build an NV home.  We have been renting one for a little over a year, and we liked the square footage and the layout. They offered us great incentives and significant closing cost coverage, all with the caveat that we use NVR mortgage.  They showed us a nearly too-good-to-be-true GFE, with a mortgage payment well within our budget.  The price was a little over $400,000.  The evening of the day we signed, I accidentally came across your website during a web search.  I nearly had heart failure.  I spent the entire evening, and well into the night, researching issues concerning Ryan/NV homes and NVR mortgage.  What I found made my blood run cold.  I could not sleep at all.
The next day I called our bank and stopped payment on our earnest money check.  I also asked the sales rep to not put our contract forward for ratification.  Fortunately, we managed to stop the transaction from proceeding, and NVR never got it's hands on our money.  We are quite relieved, but also very disappointed.  We had looked at homes for months.  The townhome was spacious and attractive, and the partially wooded lot we had chosen was pretty much perfect.  After 30 years of travel with the military, we were finally going to settle down and move into a home of our own.  I never realized how potentially devastating that process could be. 
My sincere sympathies go out to those who have been so affected by a company whose ethics seem to have been severely compromised by greed.  To be honest, at some level I knew that I did not trust this company from the get go.  There was just something wrong, but I couldn't place it.   My real estate agent told me I looked scared to death the day we signed, and wanted to know why I didn't look happy.  I hope that those of you who are trying to expose this travesty are successful.  It is simply unacceptable that there is not more protection out there for home buyers, particularly as this is the largest and most meaningful purchase most of us will make in a lifetime.
I do have one question, though, that I believe was asked elsewhere but I did not see a reply.  I know that Ryan homes and NV homes are both under the corporate umbrella of NVR.  Most of the complaints I read are about the quality of Ryan homes and the practices of NVR mortgage.  Do the quality issues extend to NV homes as well?  NV is supposed to be the higher end division of the company, and therefore theoretically better built.  Any idea if this is the case?
Thanks and good luck.

From: <private>
Saturday, September 21, 2002 11:11 PM
Subject: contact us

Warning !!!
I just removed tiles in my shower after Ryan Homes lying to me for just over 1 year in this home, there is mold all over the wall, they use sheet rock with a thin moisture barrier, all rotted out  I'm  pissed. This sheet rock should be used on the bathroom walls not in the shower or tub stall, if they did this to my new $400.000 home they did it to all their homes, watch for this to be on 60 minutes and the local news

From: <private>
Sent: Sunday, May 03, 2009 11:10 PM
Subject: Contact Us

Thank you for your website.  My husband and I were considering purchasing a Ryan home, but I never felt comfortable.  Every time we went in to talk to the sales person, I didn't feel right.  I decided to surf the web using "Ryan" and discovered your website.
My heart comes out to everyone.  I will continue to rent...forget the $8,000 new homebuyers incentive for 2009.  I'm scared to death!

Grateful in Frederick, MD - Nicole

*Thanks so much for your e-mail. I am deeply sorry you are missing getting a new house. I too wish we had a real house, but this situation is truly worse than an apartment. I miss our apartment from during the years this house was uninhabitable.

Those incentives you mentioned are meant to boost builders though, buyers are incidental to the whole thing. When our government makes mortgage fraud and building junk housing illegal, that will be my buyer incentive program. Someday...
Kind regards,

From: <private>
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 4:00 PM
Subject: Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Thank you!!!

After reading the posts on your website and many other comments on the internet, I have decided not to get a house from them. When I started the search, they had the best price by far on a property in the area and with the size I was looking for. However, something in the back of my mind kept telling me 'it's too good to be true'. Thanks to you I have confirmed my gut feeling was right.



Sent: Tuesday, April 07, 2009 10:41 PM
Subject: another Ryan home nightmare

I also had a home built by Ryan Homes. The nightmare started the day the pulled the forms from the poured foundation. Someone had nailed though the plastic flange of the basement windows, and the wall had plywood embedded into the cement walls, The nightmare continued when they poured the basement and garage floor on a 95+ degree day. In there well trained contractors the floor started cracking the day it was poured. Now my basement continues to leak and my garage floor continues to crumble and Ryan Homes refuses to do anything about it. I'm now done with them and will have it fixed on my own, and will take them to small claims court. I refuse to have them send anyone else to work on my property. These are only 2 of the open list of over 50 some odd issues I had with the house. Any one who can buy a house from them will regret it. They seem to use good material, but the quality of the contractors is deplorable. If anyone is going to file a class action against this company put my name in the hat.
Another dissatisfied Ryan Home owner in Syracuse NY


My wife and I recently terminated our purchase agreement with Ryan Homes in New York State,

and unwillingly had to forfeit our deposit.  Thankfully, we made our decision to walk away from the
process before ground was broken on our new home, and therefore avoided wasting additional time
and financial resources. 
We have no recourse contractually to have our deposit returned, so all that we can do at this point
is warn others who may be considering building with Ryan Homes.  In short, DON'T!
Lured by the large amount of square footage for the price, we regrettably ignored various warnings from
our families and friends about Ryan's shady reputation, poor workmanship, and "bait & switch" sales tactics.
We ignored these warnings out of our own excitement with the prospect of building our first home, and getting
everything we wanted at an affordable price.  However - as we progressed through the sales process and
contract signing, many of the issues that we were warned about began to arise.
We'd like to share our personal experience with all of you, but my purpose in posting today is to
inform Central New Yorkers with similar Ryan stories that we are exploring a media campaign that
will serve to publicly expose Ryan Homes' practices to the general public.  We will be telling our story
and invite others share their own.  We expect interest from several media outlets given the timeliness
and relevance to the housing market.  As we all know - Spring is historically the busiest season for builders.
For those fortunate enough to be in the market for a new build - considering our economy - this awareness
campaign might save them from making a terrible mistake.  I believe more people will be inclined
to meet with Ryan over the course of the next few months, chasing a perceived value that just isn't there.
At this point we'd like to see what your interest is before we settle on an approach.  Please post your
comments and we'll follow up with contact information very soon - and details on how you can
become involved.  
Thanks to those responsible for building and maintaining this site.  It's sad to see so many stories about
how one company's practices can be responsible for destroying what should be such an enjoyable time and experience for buyers.


Jan 13,2009

Sent: Sunday, January 11, 2009 12:29 PM
Subject: Us Too!

We have recently filed a lawsuit against Ryan/NVR.  We built a 7,052 sq ft Ryan home in Weddington NC.  Shortly after moving in our septic began failing.  After months of begging Ryan to have someone other than the original designer and installer to evaluate the problem we were forced to hire our own soil scientist and engineers only to find out the system cannot be repaired.  The site was marginal from the beginning and Ryan did not have all the testing done on the site to determine whether the site was sufficient for the installation of septic.  Ryan has been pumping our septic tanks every week for over 3 months.  In addition we have just recently discovered that we have a serious structural defect in the basement.  The support posts and beams were installed incorrectly and not supported adequately.  The structural engineer stated that if any heavy furniture was place over the spot where he was standing...he would not be standing there.  We have one set of neighbors have also filed a lawsuit for septic issues.  Another set of neighbors just discovered mold growing up a wall in their home.  I have to say they were great when it came to fixing nail pops but anything other than that and you can forget it.

K C:




Great consumer advocate information! The sad truth is this sort of greed and corruption is exactly why our economy is in the mess it is. I'm happy to see others taking a stand for what is right. I'm sorry you had to endure the catastrophe to understand the horrors taking place.

We need more people to take affirmative action against the tyrants currently running big business in the world. If we all just told 5 people the negative experiences we've had with businesses like this we could put them completely out of business. And that is exactly what they deserve (unless someone wants to bring the 8' of rope).



Ron's site is one of the more complete I have ever seen. I agree with Cindy Ron -- your site is valuable to all home owners and potential buyers.


Thank you for putting your experiences online.  House shoppers should heed the warning of web sites like your  When people research a builder before buying, they often fail to go further than a quick check of the BBB.  That's not sufficient.  Internet gripe sites, picketing, and other forms of unconventional complaining shouldn't be dismissed.  If they're complaining legally in an unconventional manner, there is a very good chance they have a serious complaint that the builder didn't address.  People's legal recourse after buying a new home is far less than they think, which is why buyers often resort to unconventional methods.  And, sometimes it's effective.  After buying, people find out they can't sue the builder due to arbitration clauses in the contract and warranty.  Or, they find out suing is financially impractical.  Since lawyers know this, it's hard to find a GOOD lawyer simply because you have a VALID case.  It comes down to whether the case is profitable to the law firm or not, even if the builder is in the wrong.  Homeowners set up complaint sites partially to warn others.  I don't believe they would go to this length if there wasn't a valid reason.   These sites serve a valuable public purpose by warning consumers about bad experiences.

Cindy Schnackel

National Secretary, Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings



Good evening,

I just wanted to give my deepest sympathy to you and your family for the pain Ryan Homes has caused.  My fianc� and I (even after being repeatedly told by my parents who have a 32 year old Ryan built home to NEVER by a Ryan), we still considered and after reading your website (along with many others!) have been quick to change our minds.  Their low prices and cheap incentives make you feel like 'it's worth a few building problems', however it's not, we will be paying a bit more for our custom built home but I will be walking away with much more assurance than a Ryan Home.  We live in the Western New York area where it feels like you can't drive 5 miles without seeing a brand new Ryan development, however the newest development has many unhappy customers with VERY LARGE sign on their house 'You'll be cryin if ya' buy a Ryan!'... THANK YOU for your website and while your story is truly heart breaking please know you have saved many people the aggravation of buying a Ryan...

Kind Regards,
A and J 



I was inquiring about your Ryan Home issues.

I am too having many similar problems and now my roof is leaking. Ryan homes is telling me now that I am two years out from the original date of settlement, and that they are not responsible, when you can clearly see that the roof is caving in. (They must put all their service reps through the same script schools.)
I have complained since day one of the quality issues and of course the builder will not take accountability for anything. I have never seen anything quite like this home in my life. I am seriously thinking about preparing a lawsuit against Ryan Homes.

What advice would you give?
Please feel free to contact me.


Hello! My husband and I live in the Western New York area. While searching for a new home, Ryan�s attractive pricing for a new built home caught our eye. While we were aware of Ryan�s undesirable history, several recent Ryan home buyers had said that they had no problems. I'll try to make this as short as possible. Prior to closing we had brought up several issues to the sales person and project manager. The biggest of these issues is our kitchen floor, which has several ridges and valleys in it, all of our doors had dings in them which were touched up with paint that did not match; and finally our trim work appears to have been installed by a visually impaired carpenter. We were assured that these issues would be rectified prior to close. The week of our closing these issues were not rectified, and the project manager and the sales person both assured us that they will be rectified during our 30 day inspection. In the fall of 06 we closed on our home. One month later we had water coming into our basement when it rained, this was entering under the front door, which was never caulked. Simple enough to fix, right? Well here we are in the spring and they never caulked it. Last week we had rain, again water entered the basement under the floor, and our floor in the foyer has buckled up and mold is growing on our trim. We have been calling almost every day to get this rectified. Daily, Ryan assures us we will be contacted by someone with in the company to resolve this issue. Unfortunately, we are still waiting. If we can see trace mold on our trim around the front door I can only imagine what is growing under the linoleum and between the sub floor and floor under that! As far as any of our other issues, those continued to get ignored as well. I have called corporate AGAIN today and I have left them a message stating that this will be my last attempt to contact them. I will be contacting our local news and an attorney by the weeks end if someone does not come over to resolve these issues. After speaking to several of our neighbors we have discovered issues that they have as well. I feel that there is strength in numbers, and I see on this web site that there are several other individuals in the same boat as us. If anyone would like to contact me via e-mail, please feel free to do so. Maybe collectively we can change this horrible situation together. Thanks for your time.



We are considering buying a Ryan Home..but after reading your website, I am not so sure. Problem is (of course), we love the house and the price is great. Ryan is new to I have not heard any feedback from them here yet. Do you know if there is any feedback to Ryan in Michigan specifically? I know that they use different crews in different places, and therefore was wondering if ALL Ryan work is bad or if it is just the "luck of the draw". I do not know what to do to research more before we consider buying. Also, do you have any more info on the NVR loan process? MY husband and I both have great credit and I know a lot of questions to ask, so I'm curious how they could cheat me regarding the loan (as long as I lock in a competitive rate). The closing costs they estimated for me seem about average.

Also, do you know what they tell people if they bring up all of these customer complaints on quality? I definitely plan on bringing it up to them, but I am expecting they have a rehearsed answer. I am not sure where to go from here.

My husband is a carpenter so we planned on him inspecting the work and quality every step of the way..but it sounds like some problems may not appear until later.

Thanks so much!




We bought a Ryan home two years ago and the house is now seven yrs old. We have had nothing but problems ever since we moved in  First time I noticed water was in the garage. It was coming down the side wall from the top and on the other side there was another leak. I called Ryan homes and they sent a warranty person out to inspect and told us the house was not warranted against leaks any longer. He saw how frustrated I became and agreed to have leaks repaired.

But now leak has reappeared in one area. Next leak I found is in the finished basement, during a recent rainstorm I went in the basement and under the basement window the carpet was saturated with water. I noticed a crack under outside of the basement window so I cut out the sheetrock under the window to find a crack going from top to bottom of the poured concrete wall and water leaking through. There are also two cracks in the wall on the side of my garage.

Again I called Ryan and I'm getting the same warranty statement and that the crack has to be 1/4 inch for them to do anything. Next I went in attic and noticed two holes in the roof sheathing although they do not leak you can see the underside of the shingles. Also the vent pipe for the heating unit in the attic has water stains on it.

A house is suppose to shelter you from the outside elements, but if you live in a Ryan built home and it's raining outside make sure you have your umbrella. I would buy a tent before I would ever buy another Ryan home.



just looked at a Ryan home in a new Northern OHIO development. The model is very nice, and the advertised prices are reasonable. I want you to know that I hope your issues are soon resolved, and that I am thankful to have found your site, before I too became a statistic.


Good Morning,

I would like to tell you that I totally feel your pain in reference to Ryan Homes. I live in Maryland and purchased my Ryan Home in December of 2005. Ever since then the townhouse community had been nothing but a nightmare. However my issues don't relate so much to construction as yours do.

They had some "backdoor" deal with some slimy investor that owned the land. When they purchased it from him, the deal was he could retain 20 units and get them free to do whatever with. We were never told about this and as owners were made to sign a paper saying we wouldn't rent our unit for a year. Well this investor has rented his out to drug dealers, sex offenders, and lots of other wonderful people. The police pretty much just stay in the community and we're even known as a "hot spot" after less than two years of being a community. Mind you I paid over almost $300k for my new home as well as most others that bought in there. Only the investor got his for free.

It doesn't end there, they also gave him the right to finish the community (putting in lights, paving, etc.) We had to only wait a year for this, and he left huge holes in the road for about two months before he even paved.

They also marketed the community as having a "Forest Conservation Area" in the front. We then just found out the investor (that had the land deal) owns that land. It was decided back in 2002 that their "Forest Conservation Area" land was in fact to be developed as commercial property.

I serve on my homeowners board and we're all at the point of thinking of a class action lawsuit against Ryan. We just don't know how to really start. I want you to know that you are not alone and I'm sure there are more horror stories out there. There's not one person in my community that owns that feels absolutely devastated.

Thank you for listening and I hope this helps everyone from making a terrible decision and buying from Ryan Homes.



Hello. I found your website and thought maybe you could be a reference of how to contact RYAN. I live in MD and have a townhouse that was bought in 1997. We always heard something funny when it rained, even soon after we got the house. They checked it and said everything was fine. Must be the wind. Well, for the past two years I have had serious water damage coming from my roof where the neighbors house meets mine. Who can I contact? I am really frustrated. The people I have talked to keep passing me on. Any info would be appreciated.




I recently came across your webpage concerning Ryan Homes and NVR Mortgage. My girlfriend and I are in the process of looking for a home in Northeast Ohio and we looked at a Ryan Homes complex going up near us and checked it out.

Everything seemed compliant and kosher but I wanted to do some research of my own; this is when I came across your site and many more like it. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind enlightening me a little more on your BAD experience with NVR Mortgage...I have friends that also live in this Ryan Homes complex but they did not finance through NVR and have not had any problems with their home.

We already have a mortgage company we wanted to go with but there is big incentive through Ryan Homes and NVR right now that knocks $10,000 off the base price of the house IF AND ONLY IF you use NVR Mortgage.

Just looking for a little knowledge from somebody who has already gone through the experience and maybe things to WATCH OUT for...?

Any information would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Thank you,



hi, I ran across this site and I saw J's posting on 3/4/07. My husband and I are in the same situation. I am an at home mom so my husband went into the purchase agreement alone. He was told that the monthly mortgage payment would be between $1900 to $2200. Now here we are a week before closing and we are being told the payment will be $3100. This is not a mansion it is only a home with a square footage of 2800 further more my husband doesn't even make enough money per month to pay a $3100 mortgage and the current home we live in has not sold and we had to fire our realtor so it is not for sale. Ryan homes and NVR mortgage are rip offs. We will lose our deposit of $1400.00 if we do not close and they have threatened to sue us. How could we close on a home when we couldn't even make the first mortgage payment? DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH RYAN HOMES... I don't know what we are going to do. J if you are reading this, what did you do?



I recently received a letter from a local law firm that is collecting information for an investigation and class action law suit in our area (Western Pennsylvania). The letter states, "Under federal law, a real estate settlement service provider is not permitted to require that a particular finance company or settlement agent be used. By requiring the use of NVR Mortgage in order to receive substantial discounts on the purchase of your home, Ryan and NVR may have violated this federal law."

As many other stated, we signed with NVR because of the incentives offered. They didn't have the lowest financing rate, but the incentives and discounts outweighed the .25% we would have saved by going elsewhere.

To everyone out there with problems, I hope Ryan Homes takes care of you. Our plan has had problems and we've gone up the chain of command until we got someone who would listen. Put up your signs about having a lemon for a house, who knows, they may do something about it!? Give it a shot! Best wishes to all.



If you know of anyone suing Ryan Homes in Ohio, specifically North East Ohio, then please send me their contact info. I am trying to get my $10k deposit back from the pushy sales rep. Now I am even more convinced after reading all of the quality issues associated with the Ryan Home Builders.  I have talked with recent owners (< 1Yr) at other Ryan developments around my town, and I have heard both good and bad comments.  Ryan seems like too risky a company to do business with and now I am being told that I can't back out even though I am in the magical "10 Days of Changes" period. The rep even told me before I signed the agreement and cut him a check that I could always back out with all of my money prior to the end of the ten day period. What a liar!




Hi my husband and I are two weeks out from closing on our home. We still have no concrete numbers on the financing. At first they made it sound like we had a no doc loan. We sighed a contract and also put down a deposit of 23,000 dollars. They are now telling us we can't do a no doc loan. They told us to seek out other financing and we were completely turned down for any loan. We told them that and they are now trying to give us a 12.5 interest rate. But still say they don't have anything on paper. Not even that my credit score come to find out from the other lender is only a 633. So that's why their saying I have to go with the 12.5 rate. I was told if I wouldn't of had them pull my credit my score it would not have gone down. 12.5 is so over any payment we can even come close to paying, and I'm afraid it's only going to be higher the day of closing. I think they knew all along we wouldn't get qualified. We want out of the whole deal and feel totally scammed. My question to you or anyone else is has anyone walked away without being sued? I realize they will probably keep our money which is terrible but we will loose more if we go over to the house on a 12.5 rate. If we can just get them out of our lives they can keep the money. We have thought about suing them. I know we need to talk to a lawyer but any advice will help. They have been a nightmare and have lied about financing to the lot and so much more I can't even list. If anyone has walked away from the contract and has any advice please contact me. For anyone even thinking of building with Ryan Homes don't it's not worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hey rh,

my family and I are looking into a new development in southern new jersey, meadow valley in cape may court house to be exact. we are only in the beginning stages. we have a hold on a lot and visiting a Ryan home in Vineland, NJ tomorrow. is there any new info on this company and are there still nightmare stories. please let me know.

thank you for your insight. I am sickened of all the horror stories.

t s


Purchased a Ryan Home in 2004. Morning room out of square. Foyer out of square. Numerous nail pops. Electrical problems. Sidewalk and driveway sunk and cracked. Floors squeak. Dining room floor has no support on one wall. Looks a kid framed in the house. Insulation in ceiling less than 9" not R-38 rated like they stated. If you want a home that you want to rebuild buy one from them.


Hi my wife and I built with Ryan homes. We took possession on 4-01-06. We have had nothing but problems from day one. We were mis-led on the size of all the rooms, pressured to make choices with almost no time to think about what we wanted, and we were LIED to about Ryan homes building the most energy efficient homes. Here are some of the issues we have had to deal with.... The roof has leaked 6 different times, and after each time Ryan homes has said we found the problem and fixed it. We had our yard installed going by the stakes put in by Ryan Homes 4 or5 months after the yard was put in they re-surveyed the lot next to mine, they informed me that the stakes were moved and that half of what we thought was our back yard wasn't really ours. The windows are very drafty and on a windy day (20-25mph) our curtains would blow from the drafts that were coming in, we also have a lot of ice/moisture build up on the inside of the windows. We asked Ryan about this problem their answer was "that is normal" for the type of windows that we have. The furnace is the lowest efficient furnace you can buy. We asked them about it and the answer was, we have had a lot of concerns about this so we are going to start putting more efficient furnaces in the builds we do in the future. My neighbor had their house built at the same time, their furnace is the most efficient on the market today. Our master bath drain cracked, causing a huge mess, and the same day the pipes in the master bath froze. We had our 10 month inspection on 12-28-06 .There was some issues that needed fixed/replaced. It is 02-22-07 and we have not heard anything on when the problems were going to be handled. Ryan has a group called service first to handle all of these issues, and warranty issues. If you have to wait over 2 months to get a problem fixed then I guess service first is nothing but a lie. My basement is not finished, one day while I was down there I noticed the insulation was moving. I pulled some of it down. The cold air draft that was coming through was so bad that you could see your breath. We called service first and a month later we still have not had a call or been contacted regarding this issue either. I have threatened to put up a 20x20 sign up in my yard saying THIS LEMON IS COURTSEY OF RYAN HOMES just to try and get my issues fixed, but that does not seem to be working. I am not the kind of person that will sue, but what other options do I have? It is normal to have issues with a new construction home, but when you have the same problem over and over again it makes me think that this house was built by a bunch of people that have no idea of what they are doing. My house was built in Ohio


I just came across this site and want to thank you. We originally talked to a Ryan Homes sales rep back in October 2006. We were interested in building with them. We told the sales rep we were planning on building this spring. We have an appointment with her this Friday. She set up an appointment to see a Ryan Home at another sales rep house. We are going to look other builders after seeing your site. We are in the Western New York area and Ryan Homes are building all over this area. I have noticed that the homes they stated building up here 3 years ago are now up for sale. I guess this is all the information we needed to make our decision.



We had a house built in Greenbacville, Va. The house was done in the beginning of December and we have yet to settle. NVR keeps lying...flat out lying. They came back last week after lots of threats with a 2 year fixed/ then ARM at 9.34% with a prepayment penalty. They know that we have looked at an outside lender and assured us that he couldn't do any better. We moved our family from Nevada and have been staying with family since breaking a lease the end of November. Ryan homes asked me about our Original loan...I then told them I know nothing about an original loan. He said then...we would not have built the house if you didn't have an original loan. Well we never heard of such and they have our 21,000 dollars in their pocket. If we had an original loan..our credit scores have improved according to where is that original loan? We purchased our house for 210,000 then received 10,000 off in options. Now NVR is trying to bump the purchase price up to 220,000 as some kind of finance tactic. We told them no. The same house is already built in the same community and listed by Long and Foster realty for 169,900 . We are getting screwed. We are calling an attorney first thing Monday morning!!!


I have read almost everyone of your email and am now very concerned with our purchase of a Ryan home. My wife and I have put 10% down on our new house and Ryan has now completed the foundation. We have not signed any of the final papers from NVR. We are wondering if we could back out of our deal and start over. If we can back out what expenses would we incur. Our we stuck with this house or can we move on.. Please contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you,

B and J D



I built a Ryan Home in Mid 2004. We have had a two year nightmare. Water in 3 walls, water in our crawl space, Mold in our crawl space & attic. The craftsmanship is non existent and does not represent what we were led to believe. Thankfully I have over 200 digital photos of all the problems. Do you know of a class action suit or attorney that I could speak with? Thank You for this site. If you are considering buying a Ryan home do your homework first.




I am building the house with Ryan in Maryland. We put the deposit since March 06 and promise the house will be ready in February 07 but They have not even break the ground yet. That is not the worst nightmare, our incentive is tied with NVR mortgage and they have quoted us double closing cost and fees the APR is higher than every lenders I spoke to. What should I do?



My boyfriend and I are currently building a home with Ryan Homes. They are very "pushy". I wish I would have found your website a lot sooner. I have a question for you. We have recently noticed a STRONG urine smell in our basement, which has lead us to believe that our contractors are using our basement as a bathroom. It smells so strong down there that it burns your nose. I was wondering if you have received any complaints or have heard that anyone else might have had this problem? Also what would you recommend we do in this case? We haven't even closed yet but want this situation taken care of and are not sure what repercussion if any there could be for this?

Best Regards,



Help!  I just stumbled upon your website. I don't know where to begin. From the Sales process in April of 2005 to now, we have been lied to, cheated and totally violated. Our home has so many dry wall issues it looks as if it was the workmanship of a 5 year old. We had a leaking bay window which eventually lead to them removing all the bricks on the front of our house. As a result they scratched all our windows. The day after they removed the bricks we had a bad rain storm. Water came pouring in the house, carpets and padding were soaked. We now have mold. My life has been consumed by this crap, Not a day goes by that I don't have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think I wasted close to 500,000.00 for a total lemon of a house. There should be a Lemon Law for houses. These people have ruined the joy of buying a new home. This has become my worst nightmare. Short of standing on the street with a sign saying DON'T BUY A RYAN HOME!  I don't know what to do.  All we are asking is that we bring in our own dry wall person to fix the mess they made and paint our walls with something other then white water. Our estimates range from 8,000.00 dollars to15,000.00 dollars to correct what is wrong.  They said they would give us $3000.00.  My neighbors have similar issues.  I just don't know where to go from here.  Part of me wants out of the whole thing.  I just want them to PAY for have been living a complete nightmare for over a year...I wake up at night, I can't eat...friends and family are so sick of hearing me talk about the dumb house...I am glad to see there is someone out there trying to put these people out of business, or at least cause then grief...anyone associated with this company needs to take a step back and decide if they really want to continue to work for such a cheap heartless organization...whatever I can do to help spread the word just let me know...I want the world to know NOT TO BUY A RYAN HOME!


Hi there,

I thought I was the only one with problems with Ryan Homes until I came across your website. We purchased a Ryan Home in Dumfries, VA 3 years ago and it has been a major disappointment. The problems we have encountered include foyer chandelier not centered, unbalanced switches (fireplace and fireplace light) on each side of the fireplace, leaking windows, crooked walls, creaking loose floors etc. In addition to save money, they didn't use any plywood to cover the house when the house frame was put up..they just wrapped the frame in TYVEC (a cardboard material) and then put on the siding. So at this point , anyone can pretty much punch a hold in the wall and easily enter from the outside. Also unlike most quality builders, they didn't put any kind of molding around any of the windows in the house. Basically just cheap products were used to build in our sub community for one reason or another.

I even threatened not to go to closing on the day we were to pick up our keys because we paid for a 4 foot extension in the family room (thereby giving us a 4 foot extension in the room below). The whole idea was that we wanted more space in both rooms. Well they decided to place the sump pump in the area in the basement that had been extended which was more convenient for them since it was the closest place to the outside wall and thus the less they would have to dig from the center of the basement (which is where the utility room is). After arguing with them for 3 hours they decided to come back to the house and move it to the utility area after I closed on the house.

I definitely feel your pain. Ryan Homes has got to be one of the worst builders out there. That�s why they have bad ratings on the JD Power and Associates website!



I came across your website and I feel sorry that you & your family had to go through all that junk with Ryan Homes. I pray that all will go in your favor with your fight with them. My wife & I moved into our Ryan Home 10 months ago in a small development in Southern New Jersey. I thought we did a good job by looking in the BBB and only reading about a handful of complaints for the state of New Jersey. I wished I could have found your website back then. We actually were going to have a local builder do our house but got out of that deal when I heard too many bad things about him. Well, I guess there aren't too many good builder's out there at all. Ryan Homes makes it sound so nice that they will sell you the American dream of buying a new home, but to be honest my old 50 year old rancher was built more solid then these new homes. Anyway I bought into their idea & trusted what the sales rep. was telling us ( First big mistake ). Even though I drove to the jobsite almost every day, I should have been asking more questions. Don't believe them when they tell you "don't worry we are taking care of everything just sit back relax & let us build your dream house". ( Second mistake ) Buying a new home should be a wonderful experience, lying & stealing from you should not be part of that process. My problem was that we were the first house to be built in the development & besides the model house their was nothing to compare it to unless we drove across town where they were building more Ryan Homes. One of the early problems was that they had started with one price but when the housing market cooled they started dropping their prices. Example my house was 269,000.00 (base price), we were told since we were the first buyers we had the best price. Two months later the price dropped to 259,000.00 & before closing it dropped to 249,000.00 after closing it dropped again to 245,000.00. ( To be fair Ryan's dropped 10,000.00 from our base price to 259,000.00 but would not go lower than that telling us that if they dropped our price further it would be like giving the house away for free). My neighbors who moved in months later that bought the same model house got theirs cheaper then me. (Go figure) Besides a lying sales rep., we had a project manager who was related to Casper the Ghost, whenever you looked for him he was no where to be found. After pointing out obvious mistakes & very sloppy caulking work, we were told again "don't worry we'll take care of it". Long story short, we did get a lawyer before closing but he told us that the contract is more favorable to Ryan's then to the buyer and that in the future the longer we stayed in the house it would build value. Our house problems were not huge but we had to miss work from time to time, to let workers come back to fix things. 1) Both tubs had chips repaired, one tub was not seated properly. 2) A/C heating dampener was lose & closed off heat going to the 2nd floor. 3) Circuit breaker for A/C unit got very hot & tripped, was replaced. 4) Electrical outlet in garage went bad, was replaced. 5) Shut off valve for outside spigot leaked, was repaired. 6) Dip in the floor in front of dishwasher, floor joist were repaired ( 6 hour job). 7)Two hand crank window arms were replaced. 8) Patio screen door was not proper size waited 8 months for the right one. 9) Some of the very sloppy floor molding was replaced. 10) Lots of molding was resanded & repainted (fixing sloppy work). 11) Lots of bowing over outside garage door, was fix & is now straight. 12) Trim molding around the outside door had to be sanded & repainted. 13) One basement window frame cracked badly, had to be replaced with a new one. 14) Two times during high winds a couple of shingles were blown off the roof, was repaired ( These are 25 year shingles? ) Didn't last 10 months.

All of these repairs meant that I had to take time off from work, vacation time that I could have spent with my family. Would I buy another Ryan's Home? Not likely. Did I learn from this? Yes, I learned a lot from this buying process. Do I miss my old rancher? Some nights when the wind howls, I sure miss my old rancher.



Hi there -

I'm ( maybe ) considering buying a Ryan home in MD. Your website and comments of others are very helpful. Your efforts are appreciated by me ( and obviously many others ). I printed and kept the entire E-Mail segment from others.

Keep up the "good fight" work. Maybe you'll be rewarded someway. You might want to notify the BBB, local attorneys, councils, etc. By all means, keep the info current, including that about the CEO and CFO. Also, - ... you might want to "cross-link" your website with several others.

Thanks again, ... B


We are thinking of contacting an Attorney. We have lived in our home for 1 year and have had problems with drafty windows, a leak in our master bathroom that caused mold in our family room ceiling, they forgot to put a peatrap underneath our sink in the kitchen, thus we were getting sewer fumes. Now, I have foul sewer fumes in my basement and I am told that this is called Sludge. None of my other neighbors have this. It is nauseating. I am concerned for my families health. Today, I discovered in our dining room that we have a leak somewhere. My husband took up the carpet and the padding was sopping wet. He also removed the base molding and yes, mold on the drywall. We have a front porch and are wonder if they knew what they were doing then they built it. The insulation behind the plastic was wet and the wood all around it wet. We definitely have a lemon on our hands and I want out of this house. My husband has had lung problems, he has had pneumonia and my daughter is developing asthma. I do not believe these are just chance happenings. I think these health issues are a direct result of living in this poorly built Ryan Home. I can tell you that we had our home inspected and for the most part there were not that many things that needed to be fixed, BUT we have crooked walls and rather than having them TRY and repair and only make worse which is what happens every single time, we opted to leave the crooked bowed walls. We CANNOT live with mold. Can anyone tell me what type of attorney to call?




My husband and I are considering purchasing a Ryan Homes in NJ. We happened to see two other builders (Orleans and Beazer Homes) who each stated that Ryan did not provide a quality home. We felt that they were just being typical salesman and decided to see if there were any posted complaints on the internet. Much to our surprise, we were overwhelmed by the vast amount of unsatisfied homeowners.

We actually have an appointment today to sign contract for home and NVR mortgage.

Your website is definitely food for thought �.

Thank you very much



I am so sorry to see how your house came out. We signed for our house back in July of this year and were also told you lose incentives if you do not use NVR. There must be laws against this B.S. I was a bit p***ed but in the grand scheme of things the discount far outweighed the more than double closing costs! It is very frustrating to be purchasing your "dream home" that is by no means cheap and to have these kinds of issues with financing and building. Problem as I see it is Ryan uses subcontracted laborers that are never the same from community to community therefore you could get great concrete workers and roofers but maybe poor framers. If you truly want a great home do not expect it to be built in 90 days! We too got sucked into the incentives and purchased rather quickly which I regret a bit but my deal is done and I have to live with that now. My next home (5-7 yrs) will be with a custom builder who takes his sweet old time building exactly what I want and allows me to participate through the process!

Good Luck!



I saw your website on Ryan homes. It is definitely frightening to hear about all the issues some of your readers have. We just put our down payment on NV homes and I was wondering if you had any readers that have problems with NV homes. I know that NV homes and Ryan homes are sister companies so I don't know if they use the same builders. Also any insight would be great as to their NVR mortgage closing issues.




My wife and I purchased a new Ryan Home and moved in March, 2006. We regret having purchased a Ryan Home. Thankfully we did not use NVR financing. According to our neighbor they pulled a fast one on them just prior to close. Our major problems have been:

1) Leaking foundation near the front porch. Ryan has attempted to fix this on (4) different occasions but it still leaks. Now they want to tear out the front porch because it is believed (due to looking at pictures I took while the house was being built) that the front porch was never flashed properly. Your story with the jack hammer scares me !

2) Many warped and crooked walls inside and out. Some of the inside walls have been properly repaired, others have not. One wall was out 2 1/2" over 5 1/2'. It's been serviced (3) times and is still not right.

3) Warped and crooked brick wall on outside of house. Ryan has said they'll tear it down and re-lay the brick but the new brick probably won't match.

4) Razor blades were left in two different locations in the grass and in our mulch after Ryan Homes serviced our house. With a 4 year old child playing outside we were extremely pissed. This is in addition to the usual array of cups and paper, dust, and other debris they left around after service calls.

5) I want back and looked at pictures that I took while the house was being built and noticed that House wrap was missing in places (we live in Ohio), and that it was not shingled in places. This may be contributing to the leaking foundation.

I could go on and on. We've had over (80) quality complaints.

What I'm looking into is whether there might be the possibility of a class action lawsuit against Ryan Homes. Does the Ryan Homes contract stipulate that things must go to arbitration? If we could convince an attorney to file a class action lawsuit then we may not need to come up with a bunch of money up front. I know there's a lot of very unhappy Ryan Homeowners (many in my neighborhood) that feel that Ryan didn't fulfill their contract obligations.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards,




just happened to read your website, and I am absolutely shocked. My husband and I bought a RH townhome in 2004, build in 2006. We have had numerous problems, including two roof leaks, flooded basement, two window condensations, cracked walls in almost every room to list a few. I am so very sorry to hear everything your family has been going through...really wish you all the best. I would have never bought this house if I had read what you shared...

I was wondering if you happen to know the company that makes RH windows. One of our windows has cracked glass, and we were told that we cannot just replace the glass, but the whole window unit, possibly not just the stash (spelling?) I thought if I can find who makes/made our windows, we can contact that company directly. Can you help?

Good luck with everything, and thank you again for your website!

D & A


Both me and my wife live in NY, and were both planning to buy a Ryan Home in Virginia. My wife and I had already went to Virginia and started the process then decided we�ll look around before we made a final decision. I�m so happy I stumbled on your comments. Ryan Homes just lost our business. We sympathize with your situation and I feel that NVR the financing company should be sued for forcing you into a contract you didn't want.


I was saddened to read your story. We are going thru some crap with them regarding our deposit. We have an out under the mortgage section but you know Ryan. I have already threatened them and NVR with mortgage fraud allegations. Anyway, thank you for your site and shedding even more light on this shoddy company.



I'm getting nauseous now! We've just signed a contract for a new Ryan Home in Woodbridge, Virginia. I really appreciate the information you provided. I guess I'll have to be vigilant and on the look out for the bad things that may come with this builder.

Have you gotten all of your matters resolved? Did it take any litigation?

Thanks again,




I am sorry to hear of your numerous problems with Ryan homes. We are thinking of using them in South Carolina. (Very cautious though) due to your issues. They still have the same incentives, 10 K if we use NVR. I need to check into their fees and rates.

Your letter has me very weary of doing business with them. You pay a ton of money for these homes and still have these kind of problems. How do they remain in business.? The representatives did not mention that they have had bad feedback in the past, nor that they have gotten better either. I wish they had been up front with us. Again, we have not signed yet but are very leery.

Do you know if it is a problem all over or just in your particular area.?

Thank you for spreading the word. We really appreciate it.

Thanks again




I came across your website and now feel sick to my stomach. My wife and I just signed papers yesterday for a home in Painesville, Ohio at Liberty Greens. I have a meeting with NVR this coming Friday. They too have an incentive only if you go through NVR. I wonder if I can cancel our contract since it was only yesterday? Ryan Homes said we could cancel if we could not find satisfactory financing.

I am sorry you have had such a bad experience when buying your home. It should be a joyous occasion.



I just looked over your website and am disgusted!! I hope you sued this guy!



I came across your web site and am also in the process of building in Camillus, New York. After reading all this info I have to stop and wonder will this happen to us? Are there any more web sites I can check out? We actually are sitting down with the project manager in an hour and I am bringing all this info with me. I know they are trying to make a sale but hopefully will be honest. In the development we are moving into there have been a ton of roof problems and these houses just went up in December, they keep saying they got a bad batch of shingles but I don't believe it b/c it is the 2nd development that has gotten a bad batch of shingles. I am scared to death to spend all this money and have problems arise down the road. If you have any suggestions please e-mail me at

Thanks for all your help.




We purchased a Ryan Townhouse in PA. We were the first to be built and were told that building would start the beginning of May. At our pre-construction meeting we were told that OOPS!! They forgot to get approval for the lateral water lines to be put in and that our home would not start until the beginning of June. Meanwhile they has up till now told us that our settlement date would be at the latest Sept. 15th and we unfortunately went through NVR to get our mortgage and paid a deposit to put a cap on our mortgage rate. This cap expires Oct. 15th. The sales rep called us to tell us that our home would start the beginning of June, after constant phone call and a letter to NVR asking to remove the cap because we could loose our deposit because of Ryan Home negligence. Several days before the new start we were told that OOPS!! they forgot to get the condo documents approved through the lawyer and that would delay us another several weeks. Those several weeks went by and we were told that we would be delayed again until the first week of July (couldn�t give us a reason then). The first of week of July went by and now we are told that our home will not start until July 26th. The reason we have heard thru the grapevine is that they can�t get the building permits. We have sold our home and are now living an apartment on a month by month basis. We are paying more because it is month to month. We have been looking around at other townhouse and the sales rep found out and told us that we would loose our good faith deposit with amount to $15,000 plus the cash we paid for carpet upgrade ($6,000). As mortgage rates rise we see the price of our home climb because our cap will no longer be any good. We will probably not be able to settle until the end of November, that is if they start by the end of July.

After reading everything about Ryan Homes, I almost feel we should try to get out while we can and possibly sue them for our deposit since they sold us property that currently is not read to be built on. What do think we should do??



My name is J B and my husband and I moved into our Ryan home about a month ago. So far we have the typical shoddy workmanship issues you get with the "Mexican crews"(I still don't understand how anything gets done at all since most of the Ryan homes people don't speak Spanish or Korean for that matter). We fortunately had a real estate agent who restores houses and is very knowledgeable about building and would visit the house with us every three days or so. We have had a great construction supervisor and our knock out guy was awesome. Problem--both the construction supervisor and the knock out guy quit--both too ethical to work for Ryan homes. Now we are facing our 45 day inspection and I have had a bad experience with the other supervisor in the past and don't expect to get good results this time either. (We live in Ohio's terrace ridge where the workers urinated in an upstairs closet repeatedly.....we were promised nothing like that would happen to us. We found a sump crock FULL of urine and this guy was like "it might be that, I can't really say." I offered to get it lab tested. I just wanted it cleaned out. --did I mention the port-o-let is in our front yard. Anyway, the guy who we liked and recently quit scrubbed half the basement with bleach when he found out.) So here is my worry, there were several items our supervisor promised us verbally that I expect the other guy will use his typical excuse "made of natural materials and there are variations, blah, blah, blah." I expect to have to play hard ball and have thought of a few threats--going to the local media, standing outside with a sign "ask me about my Ryan home", etc.--I assume that one will get me some legal grief though. Do you have any advice for me before we do our inspection???? Any things we may have missed before or won't know about until winter and can check now??

Any help you could give would be much appreciated.

Thank you,



I have been very busy these past weeks. In short, I had contacted the Governor a couple months ago for assistance and needed to get a package of documentation together and sent out.

As this whole issue with my new house [purchased Jan 2005] has finally gotten me way down, I have to deal with this in bits and pieces. Just so you know, I am living in a house that is quite literally, falling apart around me and has mold that is affecting my health.

I have attempted several times to find a lawyer to take my case on contingency, but I think the mold issue turns them away. As such, I finally sent letters to the Governor, the Lt. Governor, Congressman Spratt, Oprah, CNN, etc..........I have gotten some responses and have met with one lawyer, but I am still plugging along.

If you have sources of help or need more information from me, do let me know.

Meanwhile, I apologize for all the delays and wish you well.

S. H.


We've been considering a Ryan Home's townhouse. I thought that I should check on the internet to see if there was any negative feedback on them. They are also telling us about an incentive that is only good if we use their mortgage company. I didn't like the sound of that to begin with but they told us it would save us a lot of money. Their homes look beautiful from the surface but I am shocked to see how many people are having problems with them. I'm thinking we should look for another builder.

Thanks for the info,

N. G.



I just went on the web looking for Ryan Homes and came across your site. Very interesting!!! I have spent the last week going back and forth with NVR� they were really trying to jerk my chain. I am not green to the mortgage world and that is probably what saved our butts. 3 contracts later and I am hoping they got it right. The lack of communication and switching of loan officers was frustrating enough� but the messing up of the contracts, wrong figures and rates, extra fee, double fees� and as far as their 10,000 incentive.. What a joke they are getting it all back plus some with all the fees. At one point last week my husband and I said screw their 10,000. we will give it back and find another mortgage company�.. I pressed on with NVR till I was satisfied ( I think) with the mortgage. We will see.. Closing is set for July 25,2006. I was going to file a formal complaint with the corporate office but I an sure you already did this and did not get anywhere. Just glad to see that this web site is out there for all to see and be aware of. Ryan -at-your-own-risk!!

Thanks for the insight, I am so sorry all this mess has happened to you guys. You are better people then I am� I would be in jail about now if that was my situation because a few people would be dead by now.!!!!!!



Companies/individuals like the ones you are dealing with are cheating countless decent, honest, hardworking persons out of their hard earned money, with no accountability for the time, expense, pain, and anguish that results out of the extraordinary efforts involved in getting a resolve to an issue, in which they are painfully apparent of gross negligence.

Your contractor should be responsible for the cost of bulldozing your house, and starting over (with a competent builder of your choice), with absolutely no inconvenience or expense on your part.

That's the way it should be. If logic prevailed, why can't it be that way?

M. P.


I work for a major top ten home builder and have to say we would not tolerate this type of workmanship and unprofessional responses to your plight. This gives home builders a bad reputation. Honest, professional builders get bad publicity when there is no real cause.

I would direct your attorney to sue to have Ryan Homes buy back your house for the same price you paid and some extra for the hardship they put you and your family through � I cannot imagine what you really are experiencing and I have to hope you do get through it and come out on top.

Put your hardship in any public media available � newspapers, real estate publications anywhere that Ryan Homes advertises in. It will take some time but it will get there attention. Also send the CEO of Ryan Homes � Dwight C. Schar and the CFO Dennis M. Seremet emails, letters, phone calls daily of your bad experience with his company and keep it up, don�t stop until they make restitution to your satisfaction. Remember that their stock as of today is trading at $507/share so it�s not that they don�t have the money, they�re loaded.

I do feel your pain and apologize on behalf of the building industry as to the horrible way you and your family have been treated. Don�t let one bad apple spoil the building industry barrel of apples. We are a hard working, honest professional group of people just trying to make a living supplying quality homes to families like yours.




Hi, I have a similar story w/ Ryan Homes but not as bad as yours. Whenever you have a couple minutes would you be willing to talk and offer advice? I�m at the point of trying to decide if hiring an attorney will be money well spent or a waste. I also have some damage done by their subcontractors and wondered if I could go after them and sue the sub directly?


M. S.


Was looking at your website and I may have info that might help your case, as well as the one I am trying to bring against Ryan for mold and structural damage.




Could you please tell me what city this house is in? Have all your issues been resolved?

The Ryan homes we have looked at all appear well made. It' s hard to see errors after construction is finished.

Thanks, J

From: T.W.  5/19/06

I wish I had read your email before I bought a Ryan home. I generally do not send emails to those that I do not know but I was so sickened by what I read that I had to write to tell you that I too have experienced the horror of dealing with Ryan Homes and have only begun to see what we purchased is a nightmare and not a dream home. I can truly sympathize and hope that all is going ok, health wise. I too am in Ohio and have see Floyds concrete out here in our development. They definitely have some rude workers.


T. W


hi, I read your report on Ryan homes and I 100% agree with your issues. I built a new home in 2000 and it was great until the 3rd year. I noticed leaking and staining on our baseboards from water getting in behind siding. Sill plate on house was soaked which will cause major damage in future years. looks like you got the "patriot" brand windows just like I did. same thing with me, condensation, even between double pane glass. These houses are built to last just as long as the warranty period. I have had contractors come back to fix the problems only to create new ones for me. good luck with your shack...................


We came across your site while doing research on building a new home. We are considering using Ryan Homes but appear to be reading a lot of negative articles in isolated areas of the north east on this company. Your article indicates that you will share in sight full information that we may want to consider before choosing this builder. Please tell us more. Thanks


where do you live..we are also suing Ryan homes


Good afternoon,

I do not know what to say after reviewing some of your information. Coming from a newly built home by David Cutler, I surely thought a Ryan home would be more solidly built, I guess I may be wrong to assume this scenario. I am not sure if the legal laws here in PA are as meek as the ones found in your state, but I certainly hope not. The court system there appears to be pro-builder, giving the homeowner no fighting chance for winning a legal battle.

Well, just to let you know I recently put a down payment on a home and went thru NVR Mortgage so I could get their incentive package. Already I am feeling a bit hot under the collar for my rep seems a bit distant when I question him on rates, etc. I hope my nightmare is not beginning like yours did a few years ago.

I am wondering were you stand now with everything? Has everything been fixed for you and gave you since refinanced?

In closing, thanks for sharing your tragedy with all of us who have or may be considering buying a Ryan Home. I will be honest with you, had I read this first I would not have bought a Ryan home!

Warm regards,

D. W.

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