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Mark R. Warner
Governor of Virginia


USPS mailed response: <Notes about>

The Governor referred our matter to the commonwealth of Virginia's  Department of Housing and Community Development, who bounced it back down to Henrico County building inspectors, though we told them we had already contacted this office about this problem. Henrico County wrote us a letter to arrange a meeting to determine what could be done about our situation. Greg Reveals from Henrico county did re-inspect our home. He advised us that one of the building defects we had repaired was a code violation, and a criminal defect, however, since we had already completed repairs, and had a letter from the service company stating this criminal defect was a source of contamination and soot from our heat pump, there was no action he could take concerning Henrico County code violations. He did try to help us obtain support from our homeowner's insurance, Allstate, but Allstate would not provide any coverage for damages resulting from building defects. He also attempted to contact Ryan Homes, who contends they satisfied all their obligations in customer support.  

    In respect to our correspondence with the Governor, one reply letter was received ripped open and taped closed, and the other was neatly left open and no longer sealed. Since that time, we noticed that on random occasions, several pieces of our mail containing personal and sensitive information had frequently been received opened. This problem with our mail seemed to become noticeably frequent since receiving these responses about our complaint against the builder, and the frequency and type of mail that was being found opened went beyond what seemed to incidental occurrences that can happen accidentally during processing. From the time of the complaints, we had evacuated the home, where mail was being delivered, and we could not always immediately pick up our mail. A complaint was filed with USPS and an investigation occurred. We were assured that the mail carrier would not deliver opened mail to our box at that point, to help determine what point the mail was being opened, however additional sensitive mail was received ripped opened. Currently the local postmaster is checking our mail to ensure sensitive mail does not go into our mail box pre-opened. We did not fault our carrier or USPS, or anyone directly for the opened sensitive information in the complaint. With consideration to identity theft, and other risks involved with having sensitive information being scanned by unknown individuals, we felt this was required course of action. We have not received opened mail since the notices of postmaster inspections were added to each delivery. Regretfully, this inconvenient step was the only way determined to ensure sensitive mail was not being delivered opened.  

Scanned copied of letters received from State and County offices