The Ryan Homes Rationalization Theory

You're driving along a back road, business as usual. You get distracted just for a second, and your car veers off the road a little. By accident, you happen to hit someone walking along the side of the road. By law you have to stop, if ethics alone aren't a factor in deciding what you should do. You should try to render aid if needed, or seek help if the person you hit was seriously injured. You are liable for the injuries you caused, even if what happened was totally unintentional.

NOW, if you're Ryan Homes, this works a little differently. If you were hit by accident by Ryan Homes, they may stop and see if you're injured, but it's at their discretion. The may render assistance, based upon their determination of their responsibility. By their law, accountability is optional. If they should weigh the situation and decide your injuries are too costly, they will leave you on the side of the road. If you complain about this later, they will site how many other people they did not accidently hit that were walking along the roads they drive on. This will statistically nullify your condition as a victim, in their view.

After all, every home builder nails pedestrians from time to time, but considering how many pedestrians there are, it's only fair that these occasional mishaps should be overlooked. So next time you're the victim of a hit and run consider this. Whoever hit you probably almost never drives on the sidewalk. So just get over it.