We've helped tens of thousands avoid the misery that comes somewhat arbitrarily with what is IMO an excessive amount of consumer risk burden put on new home buyers. Everyone who buys a new home for their family to live deserves protections in what's one of the largest and most important purchases in their lives.

   We've improved this particular company, and it's been an incredibly difficult road to do so. We've tolerated lots of untold abuse over it. Until we know that no family will be forced to have their new home become years of problems and misery, with little recourse through the current lack of assured consumer protections, we won't stop this mission.


Qualified home buyers and home owners typically come from the best, hardest working, and most responsible citizens. They deserve the very best of consumer protection. Despite what many will inevitably believe about ryanhomesnightmare.com, this is at the our core mission goal today.


   I am sincerely appreciative of every bit of support we're getting here. I know people have a wide view of the page's purpose and goals. Would I like to settle our issues with our home builder? You bet. Do I think this page is going to do that. NO WAY. This company and it's peers have essentially deregulated themselves. I and many other supporters have played a major role by using free speech, something that is quietly under siege on the Internet, to create some semblance of accountability.