While our doctor advised us to leave the contaminated home due to respiratory illnesses and allergies caused by the home, no one was aware permanent health damages were developing in addition to the immediate symptoms that were untreatable during exposure to the inside of the home. This is a picture of the hole in my forehead punctured to get a sample of the tumor, taken to do tests for cancer, before removal.


It is now just a scar after removal. Cancer is a major killer of Americans and can appear in all ages, supposedly without explanations. It is something all of us have to take seriously as a real threat in our lives. Our long term exposure to things yet to be fully analyzed has left us in fear that a cancerous growth is much more likely in our future. Our cat died of cancer after we evacuated the house. It's a fear, because you don't catch cancer and see were you got it, it just appears months to years later. 

    If you've ever had a test to see if you had a suspicious cancer growth after being exposed to high levels of contamination for years, you know what it feels like, waiting to get results. Also walking around with a large growth on my head, then bandages for months was not part of my life plans, or some monetary scheme. According to one Ryan Homes "claimed HVAC expert," these are the sort of things we did to ourselves over a period of years, possibly for monetary gain.

    The tumor was later removed, and tested non-cancerous, however there was permanent nerve damage and scarring that continues to cause, soreness, discomfort and headaches that are expected to be for life. Both tumors formed during the time the house became most toxic. There were numerous other symptoms of a toxic home chaining from builder errors.

    People endure much worse things I know. However, this was preventable on many levels, and was done for profit, shared by NVR stockholders as the parent company of Ryan Homes. It's not from a natural disaster, but rather a product of greed, which is a very different form of personal injury and acceptance in my view. Simply verifying that codes were followed during construction of the home would have prevented this and many years of misery and financial losses completely, which Ryan Homes and NVR profited from.

    In addition, had Ryan Homes had not taken this self righteous, arrogant attitude, refusing to do anything to fix their mistakes and damages caused by them once they were finally clearly defined for the company by documents and photos, again, we probably would have been okay health wise, which is above all the most valuable thing anyone can obtain. People's values vary, but our desire was and is to be as well as possible, and have the freedom to pursue the life we desire. Shoddy construction took that away, Just so the builder could make a few extra dollars on their grand development project.