I'm adding a donate button, though I've avoided this for years.  Any support at all is of course appreciated, from one dollar, to just a note saying you won't be a victim of Ryan Homes scams thanks to our site. This site is not free, and could never be for profit.  We're not a charity, thus donations aren't tax deductible.  All help is appreciated, even if it's just a word of support.

Note: The PayPal account was originally for Keepernsol Publishing's direct sale of novels and CDs. As the company went public, issues with toxic mold occurred almost simultaneously. As a limited partner, while acting as the creative manager of Keepernsol Publishing, the consequential illnesses and havoc the builder related defects caused had temporarily shut down Keepernsol's ability to continue as a publishing company. 

Accept our heartfelt thanks for your support in advance!

Sincerely yours,

The Keeper & Sol Publishing Team

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