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*LIST: Contacted to date/ replies about our builder defects and mishandling by the builder and attorney.

Office of the president (White House) No indication whatsoever the office reads any mail ever.
Governor Mark Warner Reply  
John M. O'bannon 
Office provided hours of consultation and advice as best possible. Did what was within their means.   
Virginia State Attorney General. Referred us to another agency. 99% of anyone you contact about a bad builder will refer you elsewhere or have no answer at all.

Walter A. Stosch 
Eric I. Cantor 
EPA (Regional Office) *Reply  
New York Times 
Expressed interest in doing a story, but no word
USA Today 
Washington Post  
No reply to multiple contacts
No replies after 7 attempts so far
Daily News Leader  
WWBT- 12 on your side Replies
Richmond Times  Reply
Ryan Homes  Reply 1
 Reply 2

Laurel Lakes Townhouse Association.

HADD Replies  

MSNBC *Reply

Allstate insurance: denied current damage claims. "Allstate does not cover damages from builder's defects or toxic mold contamination in Virginia"



William G. Shields of Shields and associates: Yes we had a lawyer that was utterly useless. He was nearly prosecuted by the state bar for his poor conduct, which appeared to protect and defend Ryan Homes. He lied his way out of a scheduled bar hearing and the Virginia State Bar accepted a proven lie to cancel the hearing. It didn't matter.


-Virginia State Bar and alleged attorney Misconduct from our attorney -General explanation of failed legal resolution and recovery.


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