RYAN HOMES Defects and Damages 

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Pictured: This is a close up view of the corner of the upper air return end cap.  A duct specialist, sent by H&H Heating and Air, applied a mastic caulk to fill in the corners of the end cap in January of 1999 (caulk visible in photo top corner). During construction of the home, the builder forgot to seal the duct work, which was openly exposed to the attic and the cellulose insulation. Consequently, insulation was pulled continuously through the openings.

      This source of contamination was not discovered by any repair technicians or Henrico County inspectors, but was found after I personally searched for what was obviously an enormous source of contamination entering the HVAC system. A duct specialist was sent on a return call to H&H after I found the source of contamination for them, and the person they sent repaired the problem as directed, and inspected the remaining duct work. It was made clear, he was called as an HVAC expert whose support was needed in liability issues due to severe damages the errors he saw had caused. The technician stated he could visibly see where large amounts of insulation had be sucked into the system by the unsealed upper air return. He advised us to add filters to cover the intakes, in addition to the normal condenser filter, as this would aid in removing the large amount of contamination still in the system and in the home. Then as he left, he handed us an invoice that only noted he serviced the ductwork, and said he would wait and give his complete report to his employer (H&H) instead of us. The invoice gave no information about the defect as promised, and he declined to sign his name on the invoice. We had to call H&H to find out his full name. To our knowledge he never wrote or gave a detailed report to anyone, as agreed before repairs were made. After several calls to H&H Heating and Air, they did provide a note that briefly described the repairs made, and how the defect was a cause of contamination and soot coming from errors made during installation of our HVAC system. They also made it clear after repairs were made, they did not want to be involved in any supporting litigation over the matter. 

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