RYAN HOMES Defects and Damages 

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Pictured: Soot concentrated under the doors. While doors were closed, the HVAC system pulled air under the door, causing a concentration of airflow to pass over the carpet under the door. The carpet fibers filtered out soot as air was forced through the opening by the HVAC room duct vent and air return. The carpeting pictured was about nine months old.
Soot tended to collect on hidden wall studs, as studs would attract water condensation (sweat) in winter months. Although soot stuck to everything, it was most apparent in areas that had high or forced airflow, moisture, or static attraction. Plastic items that leaned against or were mounted to a wall formed soot outlines of the object that remain imprinted on the walls once removed. ALL Pictured walls had been painted less than nine months prior to photo. Damages are consistent with fire damages. There was no actual fire inside the home.

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