RYAN HOMES Defects and Damages 

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Dust /insulation on top of one of the stereo speakers located in primary living area. All the dust and sooting pictured occurred with (3) Honeywell HEPA air cleaners running at maximum airflow settings.    
Left: Sample of soot damage to new curtain in a recently restored home. The curtain pictured was near a ceiling fan. The (below) pictured carpet and curtains were less than nine months old when photographed, as both were replaced in a prior remodeling effort (Aug-November 1998) due to previous soot damage from one found building error. The first repair did not fix all the sources of soot, thus, when we returned to using heat for a brief period of time after the restoration, the soot damage returned destroying months of work and thousands of dollars in remodeling efforts, paid for in part by Allstate. Allstate denied a second claim when damages returned. 

Note: A fan located at the base of the pictured stairs, used to improve poor air circulation between floors, caused this stairway to collect high levels of dust and soot in the forced air.