RYAN HOMES Defects and Damages 

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By winter 98-99 we had added a total of three large Honeywell HEPA air cleaners (pictured left),  and some smaller room air filters to remove dust and soot. Smaller room filters clogged in days and were too expensive to maintain. The HEPA cleaners pictured were the only units able to really help at all. Two more of the pictured Honeywell filter systems have been recently added, (2002) making a total of five-enough to filter the air in about 2 1/2 homes our size. Soot clogged the HEPA filters rapidly, with cartridges lasting less than 1 month in the worst of soot conditions. According to the manufacturer, the inner filter cartridges should last 1-3 years in normal household conditions. Our filters still become clogged after about 6 months max, depending on placement, even with the ductwork "fixed." We believe complete remediation, cleanup and restoration (in progress) will eliminate the unusual dust and soot problems.


Left: New (white) replacement HEPA filter beside a 100% soot clogged filter.

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