RYAN HOMES Defects and Damages 

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Pictured right top: Rapidly clogging condenser filters caused additional air to be pulled through crevices around the filter. Here you can see where soot and insulation leaked around the top corner of the filter. The heat pump's filtering system was not designed or intended for the high volumes of dust particle contamination that was present in our home caused by unsealed ductwork.


Picture above: An improvised ceiling vent filter from 3Ms Filtrete material. The filter's material was originally white when installed.

Two filters pictured. One is shown attached and covering the upper air return register. The black one on the left had been previously removed from the upper air return register  The black filter on the left is completely blocked by soot and dust. Both filters original color is white. The grayish colored filter on the right gradually changed color to match that of the cellulose insulation found in the attic. This was after about two weeks in place. The blackened filter is the result of using the heat pump for a brief time in winter of 98-99, which caused the insulation to be burned by secondary electric heating coils and consequently  produced black soot. Soot residuals remained circulating  in the system for months after using heat, but did gradually dissipate, as the unit was only used for cooling since winter 1999. The unit was completely shut down (May 2002) and completely sealed off as part of an effort to make the contaminated home habitable. This proved inadequate. It was restarted and used for heating to prevent pipe freezing throughout an unusually cold winter during 2002-2003. We were not living in the home at the time. No additional visible sooting occurred or was present in the 3M Filtrete condenser filters and no CO was detected from the heat pump. Dust collection by the filter was significantly lowered, which we believe was the result of repairs and initial cleanup of loose contamination. 

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