RYAN HOMES Defects and Damages 

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Pictured top left: The insulation has been pushed aside to expose the so called  "seal" between the inside of the home, where the upper duct air return is accessible from the attic. The "seal" is a loose piece of cardboard laid over the opening to the attic.






    In the second picture (middle left) the cardboard is lifted partially, showing the access area from the attic to the upper air return duct .  



  The third picture (bottom left) shows the sheet metal end cap to the upper air return duct. Note the joists running across, where the cardboard rested left large openings on both ends for insulation to easily fall or be pulled through by the upper air return duct. Openings over 1.5" high and 6" wide existed, allowing large amounts of insulation to enter the home and openings left in the ductwork from the attic.