RYAN HOMES Defects and Damages 

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Pictured: Close up of visible mold inside A/C air exchange behind the condenser. Service cover was removed to expose hidden mold growth.
Pictured left: Water damage created by a soot and insulation clogged drain pan and drain pipe. This is a hall area between the heat pump's air exchange/condenser, water heater, and washer/drier. Dampened carpet was apparent for some time, but because dampness appeared at random periods, it took some time to pinpoint the actual source. The clogged drain pan overflowed continuously in Aug 2000, during very hot humid weather, making the source traceable at that time. This led to the discovery of hidden mold growths. The carpeting was already permanently damaged by soot, so the added water damage was not really an issue. Mold spore production became a concern for the first time, as all three residents had developed persistent severe health problems, in which medical treatment had been ineffective for reasons previously unknown. We were unaware of the existence of toxic molds and their related symptoms at that time. Our doctors had limited information about the formation and effects of toxic molds, and this required some long term research. Several months of personal research uncovered nearly duplicate conditions in other homes that had become toxic by mold formation via blown cellulose insulation contaminating the HVAC system.