RYAN HOMES Defects and Damages 

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After months of severe unexplainable health symptoms that could not be medically treated, yet would go away on their own if we left the home for long periods of time, and would return when we returned to the home, this hidden mold growth was discovered behind the air conditioner condenser. The mold growth discovered is believed to be directly attributable to cellulose particles and soot contamination in the condenser, drain pan, and ductwork. Contaminating cellulose clung to the insulation and excessively damp system components. Cellulose can also be seen clinging to visible areas inside the sheet metal duct work, which was also damp from the clogged condenser drain pan.

The mold type pictured here was not identified by analysis, and was immediately removed to restore air conditioning, as without air conditioning upstairs temperature exceeded 100 degrees at the time. Duct cleaning specialists needed at least 5 days advance notice for an appointment. We had no knowledge of toxic mold, its symptoms, or risks in handling it at the time of this discovery. Even now, very few people do. Essentially acting as Ryan Homes' "lab rats" we have conclusively attributed negative health symptoms directly with environmental conditions within our home caused by building defects. After several months of research, we matched our current symptoms and our specific home conditions and found a mold called Stachybotrys and/or Aspergillus are prime suspects, that contributed to illness and un-inhabitability of the home. We have since discovered other cases of homes that had the same type of contamination problem, with nearly identical conditions, where toxic mold had formed in their HVAC system, causing identical severe symptoms of illness. 

All three resident of the home were dealing with various chronic health symptoms which were clearly determined to be caused by the home environment, including headache, burning eyes, chronic bleeding sinus and infection, swollen blistered throat (that in my case closed due to "an allergic reaction" and required urgent medical treatment)  heavy congestion, low grade fever and flu like symptoms that lasted for months, memory loss and impaired cognitive reasoning, incurable bronchial asthma that required an inhaler, and various other symptoms that severely damaged the quality of life. While most symptoms were alleviated by leaving the home, all three resident have developed permanent medical conditions during the period of heavy exposure to the toxic home environment.