RYAN HOMES Defects and Damages 

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Pictured: Processor over temperature alarm sounded in this PC thanks to the ABIT motherboard's temperature sensors. 

I built and maintain  all our home PC systems (3 desktop, 1 ARM laptop). The systems were cleaned several times to remove conductive soot damage, which caused PC instability and component failures. CD-Rom lenses all became damaged by soot, and were disassembled and cleaned where possible. Soot is highly conductive (as carbon) and damaging to sensitive electronic components. Most PCs components exposed during high levels of soot have been discarded. Heating was not used during the life of specific pictured components. Visible soot is from residuals.




Shown (bottom left): Dust blocking case cooling fan, primarily from cellulose insulation fibers. This is a consistent example of extremely high dust levels present in this home prior to repairs.