This letter was shoved under the door of our uninhabitable home. I was going in the house from our apartment, while trying to restore the home to make it habitable. The Ryan Homes rep was contacted (again). The actual discussion did not lead to an inspection of our home, in which construction defects were already repaired anyway. Outside the letter, the Ryan Homes rep stated emphatically, they had no intent on resolving our problems under any circumstances, just theirs. The representative of Ryan Homes explained that they only needed to do an inspection to "state their position" on the matter. The only purpose of the home inspection was to attempt to come up with some plausible excuse for the damages faulty construction caused.

During the phone contact, I felt several comments were personally threatening regarding my gripe site, and likened NVR to a mafia type organization behind their pleasant sales front. However, I was not recording calls at the time, so my perspective of this aspect of the calls is somewhat an opinion. "Customer guidelines" explained by the rep who wrote this letter, defined why Ryan Homes would NEVER do anything to provide needed restoration of damages from defects, or restitution of losses caused by documented builder defects and code violations, no matter what they found by inspection. There was no misunderstanding of that fact.

We were initially advised by our former attorney to defer any contact with the negligent party(s) to his office; to not allow admission to our home or discuss our case with them. We followed the advise of expert(s) in their field in our limited dealings with Ryan Homes, and continue to do so. We received no compensation from our attorney's "efforts" or from Ryan Homes.

Because of the nature of the defect, we developed serious health issues that limited our options to resolve the problems. We had to have some sort of support or compensation to recover. Indeed, this is the very reason people prefer reputable companies and licensed and insured contractors. Accidents happen, and consumers need assurance that if something does go wrong, their is some form of recovery, if needed, or some remedy. This proved not the case with Ryan Homes, in spite of an overt effort to create trust and buyer assurance.







Note ( Under the United States law, a statement cannot be held to be slanderous or libelous if it is true; the substantial truth doctrine extends this protection by holding that a statement with "slight inaccuracies of expression" do not make the alleged libel false.