Warnings to Ryan Homes buyers, from victims of Ryan Homes and NVR Mortgage

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*This site is not affiliated in any way with Ryan Homes or NVR inc. If you arrived here looking for Ryan Homes, and read the information they don't want you to see, please take the time to thank me from possibly making the worst mistake in your life in the comments link below!


Most any big company has dissatisfied customers. That's NOT all this gripe site is about, or why it is posted. This site is about being dissatisfied as a victim of criminal negligence. It's about a farcical legal system in the state of VA, and a general attitude from the regional press and government officials to tolerate or overlook criminal behavior if it is for profit. Things like this happen every day, not because they're unavoidable. It is more the consequences of a collective apathy; an attitude that may bankrupt our whole country.  

"Upon inspection, even IF we determine we are responsible for the defects and damages to your home, we will NOT make any repairs to your home" RYAN HOMES customer service. (he already knew from expertly documented proof that his company was responsible)

We had to evacuate our home a few months later. Out of the first ten years ownership 3 1/2 years were spent in an apartment or motel due to the damages defects caused, which we could not get repaired under warranty. This is when I arrived at the opinion that Ryan Homes customer service wouldn't wee-wee on their own customers if they were on fire, unless they were certain it would benefit Ryan Homes.

When you have a serious problem with a Ryan Homes home, it is likely YOUR problem. No one can legally make them fix it if they don't want to, though people believe otherwise until it happens to them. However, this case and point website is typically dismissed by my Ryan Homes rationalization theory.

Ryan Homes could have chosen to do the right thing, or made even some slight reconciliatory effort, but much out of arrogance that proves sadly justifiable, (they can operate above the law) deliberately chose not to. Not just with our home but many others as well. This was about profit and a business model intentionally designed to tolerate inevitable negligent work from the various unskilled workers that filled the home building industry. Ryan Homes doesn't really build houses, mostly their hired with anonymously staffed subcontractors do.

Ryan Homes was not our first home builder choice, but came RECOMMENDED by a trusted family member. I realize that some people are satisfied with Ryan Homes, but that does not insure you will be. Our home seemed okay the first couple of years, but that didn't mean it wasn't defective.

If you want to buy from a builder that caused another's life saving to be wiped,  retirement wiped, devastating property damaged, loss of health insurance, loss of health, and a list of chain reaction damages a defective home can cause then at least now you are warned of the risks. No one who really knows us and our true situation would ever do business with Ryan Homes or NVR.

Our full story summarized (1 page)

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Latest status reports    Mold test HVAC air sample Christmas 2008 / Live mold spores from HVAC

Another FREE Ryan Homes amenity! If you had Christmas dinner here, you ate this as a side dish YUM!

Get all the facts before you buy from this company and be an informed consumer:

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Chase Heating and Air, (complete home restoration was done after fixing this technician discovered HVAC installation error. The entire home was destroyed again by another primary defect that was a criminal code violation within a few months of the first restoration. Estimated $40,000 was lost in repair and replacement costs to the damaged home and property, out of our pocket and through debt. Many valuable collectables remained destroyed, with little or no market value. We did not have the resources to repeat the exact same repair process. The contamination led to the formation of toxic molds in the clogged HVAC system, which made the home uninhabitable.

H&H heating and air 

Allstate Insurance,  Allstate not only denied coverage but is now canceling our homeowners coverage because our home once needed repairs from smoke and fire damage from builder defects which they refused to cover. These repairs have been completed at our own expense, but they are canceling our policy because "the house is being remodeled", though no major remodeling is left in house now. For whatever reasons, Allstate considered this Ryan Homes home unfit to insure. This Can happen to anyone with a defectively built homes.

Henrico County building inspectors,

medical advise and damages

Threat From Ryan Homes sent immediately AFTER the warranty for the home expired.  Note (wikipedia.com) Under the United States law, a statement cannot be held to be slanderous or libelous if it is true; the substantial truth doctrine extends this protection by holding that a statement with "slight inaccuracies of expression" do not make the alleged libel false.


Defects and Damages

Our story in pictures


(Below) Page one of a step by step explanation of the exact cause of defects and damages through pictures and narrative, showing step by step, how a why damages occurred according to experts and our own research.


Photo: (Top right)

 Blown Cellulose insulation in the attic of our townhouse, in Glen Allen Va. This insulation is comprised of various waste paper products with small bits of plastics waste. We know the material is typically chemically treated, (boric acid) to reduce flammability, (although this material has burned in two of my homes now) and still contains the chemicals used during its original processing as newspaper, magazines and such, which included inks and binders that may become poisonous and carcinogenic with prolonged high level inhalation exposure or ingestion. The insulation material is generally not considered hazardous material, but unprotected exposure for 23 1/2 hours or more, average per day for a period of years through the unsealed HVAC system, requires a different consideration in exposure analysis.



Pictured left: Close-up view of our cellulose insulation. Of particular concern, a fine moss-like material can be seen within the miscellaneous shredded papers. This low density material moves and becomes suspended with the slightest movement of air. Manufacturers claim it is less likely to become airborne than fiberglass. This particular part of the insulation material has covered virtually every surface inside our home, and clogs air filters 300%-1000% (latter number primarily as soot) faster than their recommended usable life in the home. We don't know whether the moss like material comes from natural degradation of the cellulose, is a normal by-product of the shredding process, or is some sort of microorganism contaminate. I found the material highly irritating to the eyes, nose and throat, and it caused skin irritation similar to wool fiberglass.

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