NVR inc. head of Ryan Homes as of this writing owns or effectively controls 15 of the top 20 sites associated with Ryan Homes on Google search. The intent in this (cramming search engines)  was/is to bury all complaints with a mass of sites they control and ban any real competitors as well from significant visibility.

This site has also been effectively banned from Google Ads after a full year of successful campaigns, due to what appeared to be a private result of complaints and threats to Google ads from NVR/ Ryan Homes.

What you can do to help?

Please link to this site or post it wherever it is appropriate to keep the word out there.

www.ryanhomesnightmare.com or http://www.ryanhomesnightmare.com/ryan_emails.html (for reviews and comments)

Consumers need to see both sides of Ryan Homes, and they won't if the company that profits from it controls all the information you have available.

While I have many talents, web design, or being a webmaster is not really high among them. This is a simple and flawed website. I've been managing this site over ten years at my expense, at a cost that's reached tens of thousands of dollars, without pay. (original pages where under our company site name the first three years) As victims we will never profit from this site nor do we ever expect to recover losses caused by Ryan homes criminal negligence.


Even If you're a happy homeowner and got great customer service, you still owe something of that to this site and the thousands of people who have supported it, and hundreds who have contributed. (Big Thanks to all you guys!) To those who hate this site consider, Ryan Homes had no customer support link before we made it to the top of all the major search engines.

They generally seem to have a improved attitude toward unhappy customers, most of the time. I'm certain it's in part because of a fear the customer has a place to speak out, that can be seen. That was definitely not our experience with customer service. But don't believe it's all in the past. New nightmares are going on right now. But if they can hide or contain all complaints, I'm almost certain that they will revert back without that fear.

This not to say they've changed their homebuilding methods, that have produced and continue to produce the same type complaints year after year. The point here is simple.  Do not let NVR and Ryan Homes buy up the Internet, so the information that is seen is all created by them and/or for them. If you have ALL the information and still choose to buy, you've made a better informed choice.


Of course I will never recommend Ryan Homes, but I have supported many who already signed on the dotted line and had problems or fears thereafter. As critically import as they are, no other "gripe site" really offers free personal support beyond publishing your complaint. You may get what seems like a biased opinion here, but gathering info only from people who benefit in some way from Ryan Homes will most certainly have bias.

Finally THANKS TO ALL for your support past and future!



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