Update: Google Adwords enabled one of my abandoned campaigns related to NVR/Ryan Homes (ryanhomesnightmare.com) without my knowledge. I logged in to find that I had gotten one single one cent click for an ad. Since it appeared Google had a change of heart, I updated the ryanhomesnightmare.com ad campaign. But to access the account I was forced to "agree" to new terms by just checking a box. Those terms, which I didn't agree to in truth, allowed Google Adwords to indiscriminately delete any keywords in my campaign, which they did. Instead of meticulously making all keywords cost prohibitive, they simply deleted all 67 broad range keywords in my campaign, and essentially shut off the ad campaign. It's still <enabled> and still <eligible> as this PDF snapshot shows, but I still cannot advertise my "eligible" site on Google Adwords. So congrats go to NVR/Ryan Homes on avoiding fixing a house with criminally negligent construction, and instead you focused on "fixing" the customer. Way to stand behind your work, just like your ads promise.?????????   

*Here's what happens if you run an ad that Ryan Homes doesn't like on Google ads (GOOGLE ADWORDS). "Below first page bid" is code for my ads will not show in any position. And the one approved keyword has zero displays, even though the bid price selected is higher than any other advertiser, insanely priced for click ads, it still didn't show. At one point every imaginable keyword reached $4.00 per click in order for it to display at all. Of course this was an exclusive deal Google ads gave only to me.

Ads were "approved" but privately banned in an under the table manner. After over 3,000,000 imprints Google ads would not allow my site ads to show unless the click price was cost prohibitive. In which case Ryan Homes, who ordered the ban, had their employees click off our budget almost immediately. Censorship goes to the highest bidder at Google, who may be falsely perceived as a remaining bastion of free speech. For a homebuilder that advertises themselves to be "A Name You Can Trust" covering up hundreds of honest complaints is just a matter of money and manipulation.


*Correction: See notes below about claims made here:

Google ads Sucks It For Ryan Homes

* We cannot positively verify what caused Google ads to obstruct advertising of ryanhomesnightmare.com after 1 year of running ads with no issues. The motives here are only presumed, and not documentable. What is certain is the site was effectively censored or indirectly banned from using Google Adwords. We can run low cost ads for our other sites and products. However, I personally have a browser add-on that blocks all Google ad content.