While this appears to be a personal response letter, it is more the standard jerks-are-us-builders form letter. There are thousands of replies these typical replies to victims of defective construction that contain nearly identical rhetoric, excuses, and a nothing more than pretense of any intention to provide any support. You know your dealing with manipulative liars when their first response to being contacted was to respond by saying they'd never been contacted- as a reply to being contacted.

As mentioned before the request from Ryan Homes to call them for an inspection was attempted. But upon calling we found the call was actually to inform us (not in writing)  that in essence we could take our home's problems and shove them. They would do nothing no matter what they found, and they informed us that there was nothing we could do about it. We declined the offered useless inspection.. Again this is SOP for a scum bag filled industry. No matter how much the victim cooperates or doesn't it's the same game. It's always the customers fault for lack of resolution, and the truly guilty laugh and walk. It a strategy that makes big homebuilders just big, not neccasarily good.

Excerpt of customer service call)

"If your company will not give any support at all for the extreme damages you've caused us, this issue will go public." Ron Jackson (me)

Reply "Ryan Homes is a LARGE well organized company. We know how to deal with matters like this."

SO HERE YOU ARE LARGE WELL ORGANIZED COMPANY! Over 8 years later you're still dealing with it.