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*Some of the free amenities that came with our new Ryan Homes Town House: Mold, Soot, Carbon Monoxide. Also every buyer gets a liability FREE guarantee. If they build it, they are NOT legally liable for it. That's the total quality assurance guarantee we, and hundred of others received. These are actual pictures of what builder negligence did to our house, not just some OPINIONS as some people prefer to spin them.  

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  • To tell our/your story: This site explains in as much detail as possible what went wrong with our townhouse. We also have hundreds of victim letters where you can read other Nightmare stories or submit your own builder problems and possibly share with others.

  • Consumer Advocacy. Fully informed consumers usually make better choices than the often misinformed. This site provides information beyond the dozens of search engine crammed sales pitch links.  

  • Support: All complaints or relevant comments about Ryan Homes received are responded to, though not all are posted. If you request total confidentiality, nothing will be posted or shared. We try to help others in any way possible and often succeed, but please keep in mind we are victims, not customer service. We are in no way associated with Ryan Homes or NVR Inc.  

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Final comments from our final contact with customer service:

"Even if we determine we are responsible for the defects and damages to your home, we will NOT make any repairs to your home"

This was untrue. They had no mechanism in place to deal with what was ahead, beyond threats, burying facts, and lying to prospective buyers to cover criminal negligence.

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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"

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Defects and Damages

Our Story With Captioned pictures and documentation

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 Attic insulation

Photo: (Top right)

 Blown Cellulose insulation in the attic of our townhouse, in Glen Allen Va. This insulation is comprised of various waste paper products with small bits of plastics waste. We know the material is typically chemically treated, (boric acid) to reduce flammability, (although this material has burned in two of my homes now) and still contains the chemicals used during its original processing as newspaper, magazines and such, which included inks and binders that may become poisonous and carcinogenic with prolonged high level inhalation exposure or ingestion. The insulation material is generally not considered hazardous material, but unprotected exposure for 23 1/2 hours or more, average per day for a period of years through the unsealed HVAC system, requires a different consideration in exposure analysis.



Closeup of cellulose insulation Pictured left: Close-up view of our cellulose insulation. Of particular concern, a fine moss-like material can be seen within the miscellaneous shredded papers. This low density material moves and becomes suspended with the slightest movement of air. Manufacturers claim it is less likely to become airborne than fiberglass. This particular part of the insulation material has covered virtually every surface inside our home, and clogs air filters 300%-1000% (latter number primarily as soot) faster than their recommended usable life in the home. We don't know whether the moss like material comes from natural degradation of the cellulose, is a normal by-product of the shredding process, or is some sort of microorganism contaminate. I found the material highly irritating to the eyes, nose and throat, and it caused skin irritation similar to wool fiberglass.

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